Pandya Store 13th November 2022 Written Update: Shweta makes Raavi’s fake abortion report

Pandya Store 13th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman and Dhara mixing to see each other in the hospital. The nurse says to Dhara that Raavi’s fibroid is removed. Dhara rushes to see Raavi. Shweta disguises as a nurse. She goes to the IT room and asks for the fibroid report. The staff says that he typed the report, but it’s lunch time now, so he will give it after having lunch. He asks if she is new here. Shweta introduces herself as Sheetal. She makes him sit and asks him to have lunch first. She can wait. He asks the patient’s name.

Shweta says Raavi. He asks her to print the report. On the other hand, the Pandya brothers bring the husband of the pregnant woman that Suman admitted to the hospital to Suman. Suman slaps him and scolds him for leaving his pregnant wife alone. She then says that his wife has given birth to a baby girl. She asks him to pay the hospital charge. He goes to the receptionist to pay the bill. The receptionist asks him to get the patient’s file and bill from the IT room. She says that she can’t go as it’s lunch time. Gautam says that he will go. 

In the IT room, Shweta edits Raavi’s file. She writes fetus removal surgery in the file in the place of fibroid removal surgery. Dhara goes to see the doctor and asks how Raavi is. The doctor says that Raavi’s fibroid was slowly increasing and says that Dhara did right by bringing Raavi to the hospital. Dhara thanks the doctor. Krish goes to the ID room. He asks the staff to give the report of the woman who has come for urgent deliver, Reena Shah is her name. He asks Krish to wait as he is having lunch.

Krish agrees. Shweta grows anxious to hear Krish’s voice. Shweta prints the report. It flies and lands near Krish’s feet. He picks it up and gives it to Shweta without reading it. She waits till Krish leaves and then leaves, taking Raavi’s fake report. Shweta gives Nithin Raavi’s fake report and asks him to replace it with the main page of Raavi’s report. She leaves before Krish or Dhara can see her. Nithin changes Raavi’s report and copies the chief doctor’s sign on the report. 

Dhara says to Raavi that no one in their family knows about her operation as she forgot her phone at home and she doesn’t remember anyone’s number. She asks Raavi to stay in the hospital while she goes home and tells the family about her operation and then the family will come to see her in the hospital. Dhara is about to go to the reception area where the Pandyas are. The nurse calls out to Dhara. The nurse gives Dhara Raavi’s prescription and asks her to get Raavi’s medicine. Dhara agrees. She stops hearing Suman’s voice and goes to check. The Pandyas leave and Dhara fails to see them. The nurse comes to Dhara and asks her to get the medicine soon. Dhara agrees and leaves. Shweta goes out of the hospital. Dhara fails to see Shweta too. 

Rishita is having a hard time handling Chiku. She phones Dev. But he disconnects the call. Shweta returns home and lies to Rishita that she went out to get Chiku’s medicine. Rishita asks where his medicine is. Shweta takes out the medicine from her bag and shows it. She asks Rishita if she thinks that she’s lying. Rishita says that she’s lying about something and she has to tell the truth. Shweta asks what she means. Rishita shows the pregnancy kit that she got in Shweta’s room and questions her about it. Just then, the Pandyas return home. Shweta sees this and thinks of starting the real drama. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Shiva angrily breaks things. He accuses Dhara of betraying him. He asks Dhara what happened to Raavi in the hospital. Dhara says that Raavi had a fibroid removal operation. Shiva asks fibroid or abortion. He shows Rishita Raavi’s report. Rishita reads it and says that the fetus was removed shocking all. 

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