Pandya Store 14th April 2024 Written Update: Shalini helps Natasha

Pandya Store 14th April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chiku leaving. He tries to take Suman’s blessings but she doesn’t let him do so. Sesh and Mithu both request Chiku not to leave. Natasha holds Chiku’s hands and hugs him to stop but he forcefully leaves making the thread he is wearing on wrist tear off. Natasha helplessly sits crying. Amba tells her family to stop Isha and blames Natasha for her leaving. Dhawal hugs Natasha to console her. Amba runs behind Chiku and Isha to stop Isha. Dhawal also goes with her and tries to make Isha understand not to leave . Isha tells that no one is thinking about Yash but it’s better to leave then staying with them.

Dhawal questions Isha where she will stay and what she will eat. Isha tells she is unable to answer these but she knows wherever she will stay, she will be happy with Yash. Chiku holds Isha’s hands and both of them sit in auto. Amba and Dhawal keep begging Isha not to leave. Chiku tells Isha that now she is his only family. Natasha comes to talk to Suman and console her not to worry and promises to bring Chiku back.

Natasha tells Suman that she is guilty of this happening and blames herself for it. She requests Suman to talk to her. Shalini reaches the venue and Amrish notices her. Seeing Shalini, the latter asks his family to leave from there. Shalini wishes Amrish happy Holi. While he silently stands there. Amba cries vigorously for Isha. She keeps asking for Isha and falls unconscious in Dhawal’s arms. Natasha comes near Suman and takes photo frame from hand realising she has fallen unconscious too on the wheelchair. Natasha calls out for her and screams loudly making Makwanas stop from coming back to home.

Hetal tells that this is Natasha’s voice and wonders if something has happened. Here Dhawal requests someone to help him pick Amba up and takes her to hospital. Natasha keeps calling for Suman and questions what has happened to her. Sesh and Mithu rush behind Chiku’s auto to stop him and sit crying helplessly. Natasha sprinkles water on Suman’s face but she still doesn’t respond. She loudly calls Sesh and Mithu to come as something has happened to Suman. Amrish gets call from his business colleague asking about holi party so he asks Makwana family to come back with him as Natasha has asked them to not interfere in her personal life.

Natasha rushes behind their car to stop Pranali for help but Makwanas leave. Shalini notices Natasha and thinks it’s good time to come in her good books. Natasha thinks everyone left her alone and they did not do right. Sesh and Mithu call ambulance but because of Holi it doesn’t reach it time. Shalini offers Natasha to take Suman to hospital in her car. The episode ends with Natasha taking Suman to hospital while Dhawal is with Amba.

Precap: Dhawal will confront Natasha about who asked her to do all the things she has been doing . Natasha wll tell Amba’s name shocking him.

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