Pandya Store 15th August 2022 Written Update: Suman decides to perform Rishita’s child’s delivery at home

Pandya Store 15th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman congratulating herself for becoming Chikku’s grandmother. Chikku’s biological grandmother says that she can never be Chikku’s grandmother as she has rights on him. Rishita gets labor pain and shouts that the baby is coming. Family turns their complete attention on Rishita. Dev asks her to wait for a day. Rishita shouts and tightly holds his hair due to pain.

Dev cries and asks her to leave his hair. Dhara asks to call the doctor. All tries at a time and says that the line is busy. Gautam says that he will call and asks to not call. Krish says that doctor won’t be able to come as there’s a strike on that day. Meanwhile Sweta takes her parents outside and tries to convince them to leave. Sweta’s mother gives her baby’s swear and asks her husband to take Sweta to the car. They leave.

Rishita screams out of pain. As Rishita’s water broke, Suman decides to do Rishita’s baby’s delivery at home. Rishita gets scared. Suman says that she already did Kanta’s daughter in law’s delivery. Krish gets excited to see the delivery live. Dev throws an object on Krish, but it hits Gautam. Dev hugs Gautam apologizing to him. Pandyas brothers want to help Suman, but the latter asks them to get out. Rishita asks Dev to stay back, but Suman asks them all to leave. Pandyas brothers forcibly take Dev out. They wish Rishita luck and ask to push the baby.

Outside Dev laments that he didn’t pay attention to Rishita thinking it’s a false alarm again when she told that she wsa feeling pain. Brothers assure Dev that Rishita will be fine. Ladies are sitting around Rishita to do delivery. Using this opportunity Sweta’s mom sneaks into the Panya house and kidnaps Chikku. Shiva notices Sweta’s mother leaving taking Chikku and goes after her. Sweta’s mom comes with Chikku to Sweta and her dad. Shiva arrives there and calls her baby thief and asks where she’s taking Chikku. Sweta’s mom says that he’s her grandchild.

Shiva takes the baby from and asks what proof she has. Sweta’s mom says that she doesn’t have any proof. She shows Sweta and says that she’s his mother. Shiva demands to show the birth certificate. Sweta’s mom asks Sweta to say that this is her baby. Shiva says that if she’s really Chikku’s mother, his brother and sister-in-law should know her. He says that they legally keep the baby at their house whereas they don’t have any proof. He threatens to accuse them of baby thieves and asks them to leave.

Dev stands at the main door and watches Rishita in pain. He feels helpless of not being with her and help her. He wishes that God will be with her and leaves. Dhara gets shocked noticing that Chikku isn’t in the cradle. Outside Pandyas brother tries to comfort a crying Dev. Dhara wants to go out and check if Chikku is with the Pandya brothers. Rishita asks her to not leave her alone. Yet Dhara leaves. Gautam gets doctor calls and tells that Rishita got labor pain. Doctor says that she will come in half an hour. Just then Dhara comes to them and says that Chikku is missing. They realize Shiva isn’t there and wonder where he is. Dhara gets worried if someone kidnapped Chikku.

Inside Rishita shouts that she won’t forget that Dhara left alone in the labor pain and screams in pain. Here Dhara asks Gautam to do something to find Chikku. Just then Shiva comes with Chikku. Dhara asks Shiva why he took Chikku without telling anyone. Gautam asks to give him Chikku and goes to see Rishita. But Dhara refuses to give anyone’s Chikku’s responsibility after what had happened.

Pandyas brothers discuss about Dev and Rishita’s child future. Shiva says that they should do savings for Chikku’s future too. They notice an auto driver arguing and misbehaving with an old man who is Pandya Store’s customer. Pandya brothers go to them. Gautam asks the auto driver to behave with the old man. He pushes Gautam. Dev, Shiva and Krish start beating him. Police arrives there and arrest the Pandya brothers. They try to explain, but the inspector refuses to listen to them.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sweta’s mother demands Pandyas return her grandchild. Suman asks Dhara to give her the baby. Dhara refuses to give the baby.

The episode starts with Raavi saying to Dhara that she couldn’t convince Shiva and asks Dhara to bring him back convincing. She refuses to celebrate her success without him. Kanta’s daughter-in-law says that Shiva is jealous of her success so he left the party. Meanwhile Sweta’s parents shows Raavi’s photo to a passerby and asks her address.The man tells her address.

Shiva is walking in front of them. Here Suman tells Kanta’s daughter-in-law that her sons aren’t jeolous of their wife instead they support them. Dhara goes to bring back Shiva. There Sweta comes to her parents. She scolds them for coming here without telling her. She says that this is her life and they don’t have rights to come here to find him. Dhara comes there. She sees Shiva going and calls out Shiva. Sweta hears Dhara’s voice and finds her voice familiar.

Shiva comes to the store. Dhara comes there following him. Dhara confronts Shiva. She says that she didn’t teach him to jealous of his wife or getting his ego hurt to give a glass of water for his wife. Shiva gets hurt that even Dhara misunderstood him. He says that he expects love from the girl he loves. He reminds Dhara that he supported Raavi from the beginning and wants her success. He says that he even

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