Pandya Store 16th April 2021 Written Update: Gautam and Dhara advise Shiva

Pandya Store 16th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev telling Rishita that Raavi isn’t a burden and as for Shiva, he’s not selfish like them. He sacrificed his happiness for family’s respect. Rishita says that she had enough of Raavi and asks why he cares so much for her. Her love is true so she got him. She asks Dev not to take Raavi’s name as it hurts her. She adds that she was waiting early waiting for this moment and requests him not spoil it. She tries to get romantic, but Dev stops her and asks to sleep. Rishita cries.

Gautam brings food for Suman. Suman is angry with him. Gautam apologizes to her for raising his voice in front of her. He says that he did not say anything wrong. Her anger is justified and he shouldn’t have behaved that way. He gives her a stick and reminds how she used to beat him in the childhood. He asks her to punish him and forgive her. Suman throws away the stick. Suman says that she’s starving, but no one cares. Gautam smiles and feeds her the food. Suman says that everyone’s happiness is Gautam and Dhara’s responsibility. They should bring happiness in the bitter relationship of Shiva and Raavi. She says that she doesn’t trust that Dhara can make everything fine, so she keeps scolding her. She jokes and say she will beat Dhara if Shiva and Raavi aren’t happy. Dhara overhears them and gets emotional.

Hardik comes to Prafula’s house. Prafula asks if he has come to meet Anita. Hardik says that he lost his wallet so come to search for it. Prafula thinks of using this opportunity. She calls out Anita. Otherside Gautam and Dhara share a romantic moment. Prafula makes some excuses and goes out asking Anita to help Hardik find his wallet.

Shiva is sadly sitting recalling all the recent happening. Other side Raavi is crying sitting in the room. Gautam and Dhara come to Shiva. Dhara apologizes to Shiva and advises him. She says that Raavi is alone and she’s heartbroken. She asks Shiva to befriend Raavi. Shiva says that Raavi deserves his enmity. Gautam reminds him that Raavi is his wife and not his enemy. Gautam asks him to forget everything and go to his room. Shiva refuses. Dhara gives her swear and asks him to go inside. Shiva says that they both are taking advantages of his love for them. Dhara requests Shiva not to fight with Raavi. He says he will try and leaves.

Meanwhile Anita helps Hardik to find his wallet. Anita slips and is about to fall. Hardik holds her. Anita gives him the wallet and he thanks her. Other side, Rishita hugs Dev saying she is unable to sleep. She says that she heard men change after marriage. She reminds him that he loved her very much and asks what happened today that he can’t even have a sweet talk with her. Dev says that he still loves her lot, but the circumstances aren’t right. He asks her to understand and accept his family. Rishita gets upset and says that she needs to understand everyone, but no one understands her. Shiva comes to Raavi. Raavi asks what he’s doing here.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi accuses Shiva of marrying her deliberately to torture her. Shiva says that they hate each other. Raavi taunts Rishita saying that she did not celebrate her wedding night inspite of doing love marriage. Rishita looks on.

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