Pandya Store 16th November 2022 Written Update: Shiva accuses Dhara

Pandya Store 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva shouting at Dhara and asking her to stay away. The Pandyas are shocked to see this. Gautam slaps Shiva for misbehaving with Dhara. Shweta smirks. Rishita asks what Dhara did to Shiva, shouting at Dhara. Suman says that she didn’t expect this from Shiva. Shiva says that he also didn’t expect that Dhara could do that with him. He says that he won’t cross his limits as only Dhara can have the right to do it. Dhara asks Shiva what line she crossed, what happened to him. Shiva says that Dhara, whom he has been worshipping from childhood, betrayed him. Dhara asks Shiva to say what she did.

Shiva says that he was thinking on his way about how to question Dhara without hurting her despite what she did. Dhara asks Shiva to say directly what she did. Shiva asks if she will say the truth. Dhara says yes. Shiva asks what happened with Raavi in the hospital. Dhara says that Raavi had a fibroid operation. Shiva asks whether the fibroid was removed or if the foetus was removed. He takes out Raavi’s report from his pocket. He gives it to Rishita and asks her to read and say it. Rishita is shocked to read the report.

Rishita says that Shiva is right. She says that it’s written foetus removal, abortion happened. Pandyas are stunned to hear this. Dhara asks Rishita what rubbish she’s saying. Dhara takes the report and reads it. She’s shocked to see the wrong report. Dhara says that the report is wrong, the hospital must have made a mistake. Dhara says to Shiva that if he thinks that she lies, he can talk to the doctor who operated Raavi. She asks Shiva to believe that Raavi’s foetus wasn’t removed.

Raavi arrives home and asks Dhara what’s happening. Dhara and Rishita rush to help Raavi. Dhara asks Raavi what she’s doing here. Raavi says that she saw Shiva and he was angry. She says that he didn’t even come to meet her, so she went behind him. Rishita asks Raavi to tell her husband what operation she has been gone through. Raavi says fibroid removal operation. She asks Dhara if she hadn’t told him.

Dhara says to Raavi that she told him, but Shiva thinks that she helped in her abortion. Raavi is shocked to hear this and scolds Shiva. She asks if he is drunk. Shiva hands Raavi her report and asks her to read it. Raavi is stunned to read the report. Shiva graps Raavi by her shoulder and asks why she aborted the child, what the child’s mistake. He asks Raavi whether it was his child or not, which shocks the Pandyas. Shiva demands Raavi to answer his question. He shouts, asking why she aborted the child.

 Raavi slaps Shiva. Raavi stumbles. Dhara and Rishita hold her. Dhara scolds Shiva for accusing Raavi. She says that Shweta was right. She says Shiva has doubts about RaaviRaavi’s character and they can’t remedy it. Dhara says to Shiva that he has known Raavi since childhood and asks if he thinks that Raavi can do like that. Gautam says that he can’t believe that Shiva can accuse Raavi. Rishita also scolds Shiva for accusing Raavi, who always thinks about how to make Shiva feel good. Krish says that he is ashamed to call Shiva his brother.

Shiva says that he is also ashamed to doubt Raavi. He says that he can’t believe that Raavi could betray him. Shiva says that he would have accepted that Raavi had a fibroid removal operation if he hadn’t seen the report. He says that the report exposed them. Dhara says that she doesn’t know about this report. She repeats that the hospital staff must have made a mistake, but he won’t believe her. Shiva says that he accepts. He asks Dhara why she brought Raavi to the hospital secretly. He asks Dhara why she didn’t tell Shweta who was at home. Dhara says that she told Shweta before going to the hospital.

Shiva asks Dhara why Raavi didn’t call him when she has her phone with her all the time. Krish says that they really forgot their phones at home. Shiva says that they aren’t dead, she must remember any one of their numbers to call them. He says that the truth is that Dhara didn’t think it wasn’t necessary to call. Dhara apologizes to Raavi for not informing him. She says that Shiva doesn’t know what the circumstances were. She says that she made a mistake, so asks Shiva to punish her, not Raavi. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Shiva accuses Raavi of aborting the child to hide her affair with Arnab. Dhara shouts at Shiva and raises her hands to slap him. Raavi decides to leave the house. Dhara asks Suman to stop Raavi. Suman asks Dhara to leave the house along with Raavi. Dhara says to Gautam that she has to leave the house to find out how Raavi’s report has changed. Rishita asks doctor Nitin if Raavi had been operated for fibroid or foetus removal. 

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