Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update: Isha tells Natasha about herself

Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha saying Natasha that if she wants to question she should rather interrogate her own husband. Isha says how Dhawal used to love his sister so much but she left the house three years ago and no one even inquired about her well being including Dhawal. She says how she had to choose between house and her dreams. Natasha questions why she did not return back and choose life of loneliness inspite of having such a big family .Isha says she wanted to live her life in way she wanted.


At Makwana house, Amresh says Isha was their sister but now the ties have broken. He says one who left the house has no space back in house. Isha tells Natasha that she did not want to stay alone but Makwanas’ rules and regulations are more important for them than her happiness and satisfaction. She says she chose her dreams and left the house where girls are not allowed to work outside. Amresh says Isha never thought about Amba and them , so why they should worry about her. Dhawal says its because she is their blood and only sister. He says if she has returned, she must be in some trouble.

Isha cries and says Natasha that she doesn’t have more to inform her. Natasha thinks Makwana house rules has not only stopped daughter in laws but also own daughter from living her dreams. Isha tells Natasha not to tell anyone about her return or else they will again provoke enemity in their minds. Natasha again asks why Isha kidnapped Golu. Isha says she was jealous of seeing the Makwana family celebrating happily so she did so. Chiku comes there and questions Isha and Natasha. Isha makes a story and says they came to catch thief.

Chiku hugs Natasha and asks if she is fine. Isha feels emotional seeing their bond. Natasha tells Chiku not to question them so much and leaves from there. Even Isha makes excuse and goes back home. Dolly says Chirag how they can be so heartless to break ties with own sister just because she did not follow Amresh’s rules. Natasha returns home and finds Dhawal requesting Amresh to find Isha but the latter reminds how Isha left leaving all her brothers who loved her so much. Amresh strictly denies letting Isha come back to home.

Natasha thinks to talk to Dhawal about Isha and tries to make excuse. She keeps talking about Diwali and says its day when Lord Ram returned home after 14 years. Natasha says this Diwali she will light up their house and may be any of their broken relation can mend too. Isha tries to escape from Pandya house as she thinks Natasha must have informed Makwana family about her. Dhawal recalls his memories with Isha and feels emotional. Natasha hesitates to console him. Chiku comes to Isha’s room and questions why she is loosening window’s screw. The episode with Natasha thinking everyone is worried and she has to bring Isha back home on Diwali.

Precap Dolly will say how Amba was so worried just by hearing Isha’s name. Hetal will tell she has been away from her daughter. Natasha will come and say that if they want they can bring Isha back.

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