Pandya Store 16th September 2022 Written Update: Pandyas get help to find Chiku

Pandya Store 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita assuring Dhara that Chutki will be found. She asks Dhara to love Chutki till that. Dhara says that Chutki is her life. Rishita says that it’s a lie, else she would have eaten for Chutki’s sake. Just then, Krish arrives along with a doctor. The doctor gives glucose drips to Dhara. He says that Dhara is weak and she needs to eat else she will be hospitalized. Suman pleads with Dhara to eat. Meanwhile, Shweta’s mom sees Raavi’s video about Chiku’s kidnapping on social media. Here Shweta gets tensed when Chiku’s missing videos go viral.

Rishita and Gautam also notice this. Raavi says that it’s because of Arnab, he increased the videos’ reach. Gautam assures Dhara that Chiku will be found and asks Dhara to have food. Dhara refuses and says that she wants Chiku first. On the other hand, Forum goes out taking Chiku and covering her head. She sees that her sketches were stuck everywhere. Here Krish promises Dhara to find Chiku before the evening. Dhara says that she will breathe till that.

Just then, Shweta comes downstairs taking her suitcase. Rishita taunts Shweta, asking if she is planning a trip to find Chiku. Shweta says to Rishita that she’s returning to her house and pretends that Chiku’s memories haunt her in that house. Shweta is about to leave. Shweta’s mom arrives there. Shweta hugs her mom, shedding crocodile tears. Rishita is surprised to see Shweta’s sudden motherly love for Chiku. Shweta’s mom confronts the Pandyas. She questions about Chiku being kidnapped when he was under their responsibility.

Rishita notifies Shweta’s mom that Dhara fell sick because of Chiku’s kidnapping while Shweta is fine. Shweta asks her mom to take her from here else she will fall sick like Dhara. Suman says to Shweta’s mom to ask Shweta, who is Chiku’s mom, about his kidnapping. Shweta’s mom admits that Shweta is also at fault. She asks why the kidnapper didn’t take Chutki when he took Chiku. Rishita says that because the kidnapper is already aware that Chiku’s family is rich, she can get a big ransom.

Shweta blames the hacker who hacked Raavi’s account for Chiku’s kidnapping. She asks her mom to take her from there before something wrong happens again. Shweta’s mom says that Shweta shouldn’t leave this house. Suman asks why. Rishita reminds Shweta that Raavi first called the police, else the police investigation would have started. She asks Shweta not to dare blame them.

Shweta’s mom apologizes to the Pandyas for her behavior and wonders who could have kidnapped Chiku. Suman asks Shweta’s mom to ask her relatives to find Chiku and says that anyone from Chiku’s father’s side could have done this. Shweta’s mom agrees. Shweta’s mom asks Shweta to stay at Pandyas’ house as the police will give updates about Chiku to the Pandyas.

Forum went to a pharmacy to buy tablets for Chiku’s fever. The pharmacy owner’s assistant shows him the video of Raavi about Chiku’s kidnapping. The owner recognizes Chiku. Forum runs from there. He chases. Shweta declined the Forum’s calls. Rishita sees this and wonders whose call she’s rejecting. On the other hand, Forum manages to escape from the pharmacy owner by getting into a tempo.

Pandyas are wondering who could have kidnapped Chiku. Just then, Raavi receives the pharmacy owner’s call. Raavi puts the call on the speaker. He tells a location and says that a woman is going on a tempo with Chiku on that route. The Pandya brothers go to find Chiku. At the house, Shweta asks Rishita to call them and ask if they have any updates on Chiku. Rishita scolds them and says that they will give updates if they find Chiku. Just then, a priest arrives there. Pandya brothers sit in the car. The car didn’t start as there’s no fuel. They see a procession coming and smile, getting an idea.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta is drunk and spills in front of Krish about whatever she did to get rid of Chiku Krish looks at her shocked.

The episode starts with Gautam asking where Dhara and Suman are. Raavi says that Suman is in her room and Dhara went to find Chiku. Gautam and Krish go to find Dhara. Meanwhile, Dhara is looking for Chiku by showing his photo to the passers by. Due to walking barefoot, her feet get injured and she walks with a lot of difficulty. Gautam and Krish find Dhara in bad condition. Dhara cries and refuses to return home. Gautam lifts Dhara and forcibly takes her to the house.

As Pandyas haven’t eaten anything since the previous day, Rishita tries to convince the ladies of Pandya to have juice. But they refuse. Dhara gets inconsolable wanting to see Chiku. On the other hand, Forum is having a hard time consoling a crying Chiku and she is unable to contact Shweta, whose phone is switched off. Here Shweta eats dried fruits secretly. She worries about Forum finding out about her sketch and panicking.

There, Forum sees through the window the police having her side profile sketch. Here, Krish sees Shweta eating dried fruits secretly while Dhara is inconsolable. He confronts Shweta. The latter puts up an emotional drama. She says that she has to eat to consume her panic attack medicine. Krish leaves. Shweta thinks that she should be more alert. Forum regrets agreeing to help Shweta. She decides to take Chiku back to the Pandya house and exposes Shweta. Just then, Shweta phones Forum.

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