Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Update: Hetal tells Natasha, Amresh misses Isha

Pandya Store 17th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha recalling Isha’s words about Dhawal going away from her. Dhawal also thinks where did Natasha go as she was looking worried and wonders if she heard them talking about Isha. If so she will question him about her past. Natasha thinks why she is in such difficult situation because if she exposes Isha and says she was one to kidnap Golu, truth will be out and Dhawal will also know reality of Amresh as well as she will prove innocent but wonders if it is worth it.


At temple, Natasha hears priest saying that decision taken should be such that all people are benefitted. Dhawal comes around looking for Natasha. She prays to idol and one flower drops on head which makes her smile. She thanks God for giving her signal. Dhawal asks Natasha what she is doing there and he teases saying she is evil. Natasha tells him to pray to God that this may be his best Diwali. Dhawal says out loud that this may be theirs best Diwali. She wonders if what she does what she has planned to do , will Dhawal still pray for them together.

Chiku scolds Isha for loosening window’s screw. He says her to leave through main gate if she wants as no one is forcing her to stay. Isha makes excuse and says she was not leaving. Natasha calls Chiku and asks him what’s going on between him and Isha. Chiku rather questions her why she ran behind Isha. Natasha makes excuse and says Chiku to keep an eye on Isha. She says his symptoms are of loveria so he should not let her go away from Pandya house. Chiku smiles thinking of Natasha’s words.

At home, Pranali asks Hetal for more diyas. The latter asks Dolly and Pranali to come to her room and get more. Amba recalls Isha’s Rangoli making at home and feels emotional. Natasha sees her crying and saying how she feels hurt knowing Isha is in city but has not come to home for Diwali. Natasha vows to bring Isha come during Diwali. Hetal shows the diyas and candles to Dolly and Pranali. Dolly excitedly tells about her Diwali plans. Pranali says if she understands what’s the environment of house. Dolly apologises for the same. She says she feels no one in family will be interested to celebrate Diwali this time.

Hetal says its natural for Amba to feel hurt and says how she keeps crying and feeling suffocated seeing Isha’s photo everyday. Natasha comes there and says they can together bring Isha back home. Pranali scolds Natasha for bringing drama on every festival. Amba shows jewellery for all the daughter in laws and brings light one for Natasha. Hetal thinks of how Amresh has both love and anger for Isha. She tells Natasha about the cupboard which has Isha’s clothes. Hetal says no matter how rude Amresh pretends to be, he brings gifts for Isha on every festival and keeps seeing them secretly. The episode ends with Natasha trying to convince others to help her bring Isha home.

Natasha will say that to make Isha meet her family she will do anything. All the Makwana daughter in laws will cover their faces by devil masks and come to Pandya house and attack Natasha. Suman and Isha will be shocked to see the same.

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