Pandya Store 17th September 2022 Written Update: Pandyas find Chiku

Pandya Store 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pandyas seeing a grooms procession. They start dancing in that procession. They sit in the jeep in which the groom is present. They accelerate the jeep and leave. At Pandya’s house, Kanta called a priest who told her the truth about her daughter-in-law, complaining about her to everyone. She says that she has called him to find out about Chiku’s whereabouts. Rishita scolds Kanta for bringing a stranger into the house when the ladies are alone in the house. The priest gets angry. He points at Shweta. The latter gets scared that he will tell the truth.

On the other hand, Pandyas spot the truck and Forum. Gautam recognizes her and says that she entered their along with the dancers. Forum sees the Pandyas and panics. She asks the truck driver to accelerate and lies that the Pandyas are her in-laws and they want to kill her. Gautam says to Dev to alert Krish and asks him to come along with the police.

At the Pandya house, Rishita says that the priest is fake. The priest tries to leave, getting angry. Rishita catches the priest and exposes that he stole Suman’s phone. Suman beats him. He runs from there. Suman scolds Janta for bringing a fake priest. Just then, she notices that Dhara is unconscious and asks Rishita to call the doctor. Shweta worries about what will happen to Chiku if anything happens to Dhara.

Krish arrives along with the police and stops the truck. Gautam says to Krish and the police that the woman who kidnapped Chiku is in that truck. Krish sees a woman running and alerts the Pandyas and police. They chase Forum. Meanwhile, the doctor checks Dhara and says that her health condition worsened due to tension. He says that they should feed food to her anyhow.

Shweta tries to contact Forum. There, Gautam gets hit by a biker and falls. Pandyas help him to get up. In the meantime, Forum places Chiku inside an auto and runs away. Pandyas hear Chiku’s crying sound and look around. Shiva spots Chiku and alerts his family. They feel relieved to find Chiku and hug him crying. Forum watches this hiding. She leaves.

Dhara wakes up and tries to run out to find Chiku. But she feels dizzy at the doorstep and is about to fall. Gautam and the rest of the family arrive with Chiku. Gautam holds Dhara and shows her Chiku. Dhara gets emotional about seeing Chiku. Shweta is shocked to see Chiku with the pandyas and wonders where Forum is. Dhara lies on the bed hugging Chiku. The family watches this emotionally. Rishita hugs Dhara. Gautam gets juice, asking Dhara to end her fasting.

Rishita makes Dhara sit. Gautam feeds Dhara the juice. Rishita asks the Pandya brothers how they found Chiku. Krish says that it’s a long story, they will tell her later. Shweta asks if Forum was caught. Rishita asks Shweta how she knows that her name is Forum. Shweta denies saying Forum and says that Rishita must have misheard her. Rishita gets angry and calls her a liar.

Shweta questions Gautam about the kidnapper. Gautam says that she ran away, leaving Chiku in an auto. Shweta asks if the police will catch her. Dhara says that God will definitely punish her for separating a child from her mother. Dhara asks Shweta if Chiku can sleep in her room with her.

Shweta immediately agrees. She asks Dhara to keep Chiku with her if she feels well. She states that Chiku is more attached to Dhara and she can’t make him attached to her despite staying with him for a one whole month. Rishita taunts Shweta about not being able to create a bond with Chiku. Suman says that the next day she will send Shweta and Chiku to Shweta’s parents’ house as she doesn’t want to take their responsibilities. Shweta is shocked and tries to convince Suman, but she stays firm in her decision.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta is drunk. Shweta tells whatever she did to get rid of Chiku to Krish in her drunken condition. Krish is shocked to hear Shweta.

The episode starts with Rishita assuring Dhara that Chutki will be found. She asks Dhara to love Chutki till that. Dhara says that Chutki is her life. Rishita says that it’s a lie, else she would have eaten for Chutki’s sake. Just then, Krish arrives along with a doctor. The doctor gives glucose drips to Dhara. He says that Dhara is weak and she needs to eat else she will be hospitalized. Suman pleads with Dhara to eat. Meanwhile, Shweta’s mom sees Raavi’s video about Chiku’s kidnapping on social media. Here Shweta gets tensed when Chiku’s missing videos go viral.

Rishita and Gautam also notice this. Raavi says that it’s because of Arnab, he increased the videos’ reach. Gautam assures Dhara that Chiku will be found and asks Dhara to have food. Dhara refuses and says that she wants Chiku first. On the other hand, Forum goes out taking Chiku and covering her head. She sees that her sketches were stuck everywhere. Here Krish promises Dhara to find Chiku before the evening. Dhara says that she will breathe till that.

Just then, Shweta comes downstairs taking her suitcase. Rishita taunts Shweta, asking if she is planning a trip to find Chiku. Shweta says to Rishita that she’s returning to her house and pretends that Chiku’s memories haunt her in that house. Shweta is about to leave. Shweta’s mom arrives there. Shweta hugs her mom, shedding crocodile tears. Rishita is surprised to see Shweta’s sudden motherly love for Chiku. Shweta’s mom confronts the Pandyas. She questions about Chiku being kidnapped when he was under their responsibility.

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