Pandya Store 18th January 2023 Written Update: Pandya family falls apart

Pandya Store 18th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara recalling what happened seven years before. A FB shows. Dev and Rishita decide to leave the house. Gautam begs Dev not to leave. Rishita lashes out at Gautam. She blames Dhara for Shweta kidnapping Chutki and wonders in what condition Chutki will be. Just then, Dhara returns home. Dhara goes to Raavi and asks her to convince Rishita not to leave the house. Raavi recalls a FB. After Shiva’s operation, the doctor says to Raavi that Shiva’s condition worsened after falling from the stairs and they can say how much his health can regain after he comes to unconsciousness. Raavi says that Rishita is doing right. She says that she should have done it earlier. She says that the lives of those who live with Dhara will be ruined.


She says that this house is cursed and no one can be happy in this house except Dhara. Krish tries to stop Dev. Dev slaps Krish and blames him for letting Shweta take Chutki with her. Raavi  Dhara, Gautam and Suman are shocked when Raavi also decides to leave the house. Suman asks Raavi how she can leave the house when Shiva is critical. Raavi says that Shiva gained consciousness. Dhara wants to go and see Shiva in the hospital. But Raavi stops Dhara, saying that she will see Shiva dead if she goes to see him. Dhara begs Raavi to let her see Shiva once. Raavi firmly says that neither Shiva will return to this house nor they will go to see him. Raavi refuses to let Shiva risk his life again for this family.

Suman asks Rishita and Raavi how they dare to distance her sons from them. She  blames Dhara for whatever happened and says that she will leave the house, not them. However, Rishita refuses to stay. She says that Suman’s love for Dhara can never diminish and Dhara will again win Dev and Shiva’s hearts. Then the cycle of Dhara’s committing mistakes and the family paying the price for her mistake and them forgiving her. Rishita apologizes to Dev and says that she doesn’t have strength to bear the punishment for Dhara’s mistake. Suman says that she can either leave this house where she has a lot of memories, or let her sons go away from her. She asks where she will go and cries. Rishita says that she doesn’t know about it, but she refuses to see Dhara’s face again.

Raavi agrees with Rishita and says that she has a problem staying in this house with Dhara, who is selfish. Rishita holds Raavi’s hand. They both pray to God. They take Suman’s blessings. Suman holds their hands and pleads with them not to leave. But they remove their hands from Suman. They next take Gautam’s blessing. Gautam begs them not to leave the house and break the family. Dev says to Rishita to let go as the cab has come. Dhara begs Rishita and Rishita not to leave and promise to find Chutki together as they got the Pandya Store back. But Rishita, Raavi and Dev leave. 

Dhara breaks down into tears. Krish tries to console Dhara. But Dhara slaps Krish and blames him for causing Pandya’s family’s fall apart. She asks Krish why he saved Chiku and not Chutki instead. She slaps him again. She lashes out at Krish. She says that Krish is hopeless and all this would have happened if he wasn’t there. Krish says that he would also if everyone left the house because of him. Dhara asks Krish to get lost and never show his face again. Krish leaves. Gautam rushes to stop Krish, but he has already left. Suman scolds Dhara for making her sons leave the house.

Dhara says that they all left the house on their own. She says that she doesn’t when the family relationship has become so weak. Suman slaps Dhara and blames her for her sons leaving the house. Suman breaks into tears. Gautam says to Suman that he will always be with her. He gives her a stick and asks her to punish him for Dhara’s mistake. Suman beats him and asks why he didn’t stop them from leaving. Gautam says that they left out of anger and they may return. He says that their house’s door will always be open for them. Chiku cries. Dhara takes him in her arms to calm him down. Suman asks Dhara and Gautam to keep Chiku away from her as he will remind her how his family got ruined. FB ends. 

Chiku cheers Dhara and makes her smile. He assures her that uncles and aunts will soon return. Dhara hugs Chiku and says that his confidence gives hope to her that her family will return and make this building a house again. Gautam returns home. He sees the decorations and glares at Dhara. He asks Chiku to tell his mom to stop doing the decorations and then cry. Dhara asks Chiku to tell him that she will stop crying when he stops drinking alcohol. Gautam asks Chiku to say to her that he will stop drinking when she stops crying. Chiku asks them to stop fighting and reconcile. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Dhara, Gautam and Chiku are busy flying kites. Suman screams. Dhara goes to check and is shocked to find her lying unconscious on the floor. 

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