Pandya Store 19th November 2023 Written Update: Mask gang enters Makwana house

Pandya Store 19th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha coming to Pandya House. Suman questions her what she is doing there as they were going to Makwana house to give Diwali gifts. She says there must be Diwali puja at home and Lakshmi of house should be part of it. Natasha looks at Isha and says definitely Lakshmi of that house will be at home during puja. Suman clicks photo with Sesh,Mithu and Natasha together which makes Isha emotional. Natasha greets Isha Diwali addressing her as Didi which shocks Chiku. Dolly , Pranali and Hetal gather their clothes to leave for Natasha’s house as per their plan.


Amba tells Chabili not to move from near the temple as all the jewellery of house is kept there. She catches the Makwana daughter in laws leaving. Hetal gets nervous and drops the bag. Pranali lies that they are going to parlor to get ready. Hetal says that Dolly suggested to do so that pictures are good. Amba questions about the bag with them and Hetal lies that it’s her old saree which is going to donate. They make excuse and leave quickly. Natasha and her family come to Pandya Store for puja.

Natasha sees Dolly, Pranali and Hetal there coming dressed as mask gang members. She thinks all her brothers are there and if they see them now they will easily beat them up and her plan will fail. Natasha makes silly execuse and asks her brothers to clean the store again properly and goes inside the house with Suman and Isha. Suman feels something is different about Natasha’s behavior. Dhawal texts Natasha to come back before puja. Amba gets worried about her daughter in laws not returning home yet from parlor. Lots of guys wearing masks enter Makwana house and shocks Amba.

Masked people tell that they are artists who will do her entertainment and collect some donation in return. Amba gets worried as jewellery is kept there. The gang members think to steal it. One of the guys try to enter inside temple where jewellery is but luckily Makwana brothers reach there too. They ask the gang to leave from house. Natasha calls Dhawal and acts like she is in danger. Dhawal doesn’t understand her acting and says masked gang is there at Makwana house too. Natasha says him to just come and save her.

Isha says that she will call police so Hetal and Pranali hold her too. Hetal says Natasha to call Dhawal and Suman questions how she knows Natasha’s husband’s name. Natasha tries to make excuse and confuses Suman. Natasha tells Suman to accept whatever they are demanding. She says that she will call Amresh with all his brothers. Isha says Natasha that they should call police instead. She thinks it will be big problem if all the brothers come there. Makwanas get shocked to see all their phones do not have network . Amba thinks to hide all the jewellery inside. Dhawal thinks if jammers are fitted in the house. The episode ends with Makwana brothers being attacked by mask gang.

Precap: Makwana daughter in laws will kidnap Isha and bring her to Makwana house. Amresh will blame for planning to steal jewellery of house because she did not get the job.

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