Pandya Store 19th September 2022 Written Update: Shweta opens up to Krish

Pandya Store 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shweta pacing the terrace nervously remembering Suman’s decision and worrying that she would be free longer if she returned to her parents’ house. She kicks the boxes placed on the table. Hearing this noise, Krish wakes up thinking a thief has entered the house. Meanwhile, Dhara is spending time with Chiku. She wonders how to convince her heart to stay without Chiku. On the terrace, Shweta finds an alcohol bottle in the box. She starts to drink it. Krish arrives there to check if a thief has entered the house. He sees Shweta drinking Gautam’s alcohol bottle. He stops Shweta from drinking the bottle fully and throws it away.

Shweta reacts angrily at Krish for not letting her drink alcohol. She then breaks down in tears. She starts to lament about her miserable condition. She says that the person with whom she eloped left her. She says that she wanted a care free life and a person who loves her, but she was given a baby who is an obstacle to her freedom. Shweta says that she got the baby despite not wanting him, while Dhara, who longs for a baby, didn’t get it. She cries her out.

Rishita is thinking about Shweta. Dev comes into the room. He says that he is proud of Rishita for the way she handled Dhara and the family. He kisses her cheek and says that he loves her. Rishita shares her doubts about Shweta with Dev. Dev says to forget about Shweta as she’s going to leave the house. Rishita isn’t convinced and says that she’s playing a big game.

Dev accuses Rishita of being selfish and of being happy about Chiku’s departure as she considers him as a competitor for Chutki. Rishita denies it and says that he can’t understand her point of view. Dev says that he is more worried about Dhara getting a broken heart and wonders how she will handle herself after Chiku’s departure.

Shiva thinks of seeing Raavi with Arnav and he grows jealous. Raavi comes into the room. She says that thankfully Chiku was found, else she would have blamed herself for Chiku’s kidnapping. She gives credit to Arnab for finding Chiku and wants to invite Arnab for lunch. Shiva reacts angrily at Raavi and asks her to sleep. Raavi is confused by Shiva’s sudden anger.

Krish tries to console Shweta. The latter says that Krish can’t understand her situation. She asks if he knows what all she did to get rid of Chiku. On the other hand, Rishita phones the police station and tells the inspector that the girl’s name, who kidnapped Chiku, is Forum and asks him to investigate this. He agrees. Here, Krish asks Shweta what she did. Shweta is about to spill that she had done Chiku’s kidnapping. Just then, Krish notices Dhara coming with Chiku to the terrace. He closes Shweta’s mouth and hides with her.

Raavi tries to make Shiva understand that she wants to take Arnab for dinner as he had helped to recover her account. Shiva gets annoyed with Raavi, keeping talking about Arnab. They argue about Arnab. Dhara pots a plant with Chiku’s hand. Shweta leaves from there. Krish witnesses Dhara expressing how much she will miss Chiku after his departure and the pot will always remind her of Chiku. Krish sits next to Dhara. He cries and hugs her, saying that he is also her child, and promises to never leave her side. She gives Chiku to Krish, asking him to hand it to Shweta as she’s scared of not being able to get detached from him if she spends some more time with him.

Shweta remembers all the incidents from her accident till her parents want her to keep Chiku. She refuses to return to her parents’ house and loses her freedom. So she decides to run away. Just then, Krish arrives there with Chiku.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman asks Shweta’s parents why they brought gifts when they are about to take Shweta back home. Shweta’s mother asks why they want to send Shweta to their house when they send a marriage proposal. Suman asks with whom. Krish says with him . Pandyas are stunned to hear this.

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