Pandya Store 1st December 2021 Written Update: Gautam is upset

Pandya Store 1st December 2021 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara comes home. Suman gets upset seeing Dhara’s sad face. Dhara is about to enter the home. Suman stops her. She performs a puja to keep the evil eye away from him. Dhara tells that all of these things are fake. Then she asks her if she had food. Suman says that she is not hungry. Dhara says that she will bring food for her. She is trying to leave but Suman holds her sari. Suman looks at her. Gautam and others come home. Rishita and Ravi try to console Dhara. They tell her that everything will be alright.

Gautam asks Dhara to have food. Dhara tells him that she doesn’t want to eat anything. She wants to go to her room. Suman forbids her to climb the stairs as she is weak now. Dhara says nothing will happen to her only. She leaves from there. Everyone gets sad seeing her condition.

Gautam asks Suman to do something. He says that only she can fix Dhara. Suman tells him that it will be difficult to fix Dhara now as she is completely broken. She tells Gautam angrily that all this has happened because of him. She slaps him. She adds that when she wanted their support, no one supported her and now they are crying for Dhara. She leaves from there saying this. Here Kamini is told by the man working with her that they were spotted by Rishita together.

Though he has taken care of everything but they have to finish their work as soon as possible. Kamini says that there is a problem going on in Rishita’s house right now so she should take advantage of this and complete her work. Here Gautam comes near the Dhara. He apologizes to her. Dhara ignores him. Gautam asks her to talk to him. Dhara says that she is feeling sleepy so she wants to sleep and he should also fall asleep on time. Here Shiva is worried about Dhara.

He wants Dhara to smile again. Ravi consoles him. Here Disha comes home. Parfula would ask her where had she gone. She tells her that she had gone shopping. Parfula does not like this. Because even though she doesn’t like Dhara, however, what happened to her was wrong. Disha advises her not to think about all this and become the old Parfula who Pandya Store wanted.

Further, Shiva asks Ravi to make some chai for Dhara as she likes her hand made and it will also improve her mood. Ravi says fine. Here Dhara and Gautam recall how happy Dhara was about the child and that she had planned a lot for the child. He wants to talk to her but cannot.

Precap: Dhara tells Gautam that she has lost her child because of him. He is the killer of her child. Gautam stands stunned.

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