Pandya Store 1st May 2021 Written Update: Gautam gets hurt with Rishita’s behavior

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184635

Pandya Store 1st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev sitting with the family to have food. Gautam asks Raavi to sit in his chair and says that since morning she has been working hard to make food, so she deserves the first bite. Gautam feeds Raavi. Gautam then feeds his brothers. Raavi and Shiva fight to eat the next bite from Gautam’s hand. Dhara looks at them emotionally.

Dev asks Rishita to come close. Gautam forwards his hand towards Rishita. Rishita makes disgusting face and refuses to have food from Gautam’s hand. Krish taunts Rishita. Raavi slightly hits Krish. Shiva gets angry and asks how Raavi dared to hit Krish. Dhara defends Raavi saying she’s also Krish’s sister-in-law. Rishita walks out. Gautam gets hurt and leaves without having food. Dhara asks the brothers to have food. Dev walks out.

Dev comes to Gautam. He apologizes to Gautam on behalf of Rishita. Gautam says that Rishita is new to the family and she will need time to adjust with them. They should understand her. Gautam asks Dev to take Rishita out to boost her mood. Raavi, Dhara Shiva and Krish come there with food plate. Yadon ki baaraat plays in the BG. Yad Raavi feeds Gautam and apologizes to him if she hurt him in anyway. Gautam assures her that she didn’t hurt him. The brothers feed Gautam. Dhara says that he left without thinking how she will eat without him. Gautam feeds Dhara. Then the brothers feed Dhara. Rishita comes there and sees this. Rishita angrily leaves from there. Dev excuses himself and goes after Rishita.

Prafula is packing her things. Anita asks if it’s necessary for her to come with her. Prafula says it’s necessary to go there to protect Raavi from Shiva and asks Anita not to tell Raavi that they’re coming. Other side Dev shouts at Rishita. Rishita starts crying. Dev reminds Rishita that they have become husband and wife now and they should live with the family.

He asks her to be like Raavi. Rishita says that Raavi doesn’t love Shiva, she doesn’t want to spend time with him, so she is doing drama in front of the family. She can’t fake like her. Rishita further says that she can’t eat from anyone’s hand. She’s conscious about hygiene. Dev says there’s no hygiene in their bedroom. Rishita says that’s because she loves him and he can’t compare himself with others. Dev says that the way she loves him, his whole family also loves him and when there’s love, all this doesn’t matter.

Gautam calls out Dev. Dev comes out. Gautam advises Dev. Gautam tells that he should give time to Rishita to adjust. They all have the responsibility to keep her happy and make her feel comfortable. He then tells that he has arranged for bonfire today night.

Raavi comes to the room and her leg hit Shiva’s suitcase and it opens up. Marbles falls from the suitcase . Shiva slips and falls down. Raavi bursts out laughing. Shiva argues with Raavi and asks her to collect all the marbles. He leaves. Dhara comes there. She finds Raavi lamenting. Dhara thinks to find a way to bring out the joyful Raavi.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva and Krish talk about a spirit that they saw at the stairs. Rishita hears them. In the night she wakes up from the sleep. She sees a black shadow and screams.

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