Pandya Store 20th April 2021 Written Update: Dev shouts at Rishita

Pandya Store 20th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the goons placing an unconscious Shiva in the car. Raavi shouts Shiva. She hits the goon. The goons hold her and they hit on her head. Raavi falls unconscious. They place her in the car and drive off.

At the temple, Gautam tells that he reminded their marriage on seeing Dev and Shiva’s marriage and he adds that Dhara wasn’t happy that time. Dhara says that she’s the most happiest wife now. Gautam promises to always keep her happy. Dev and Rishita are on the way. Rishita hugs Dev tightly and says they should go to a place where there will be only them and their love. Hawayein song plays in the BG.

Other side, Shiva gains consciousness. Raavi says that she has been trying to wake him up since longtime. She asks if he knows what happened with them. Shiva asks her to be quiet. The goons drag Shiva and Raavi to a gowdon. Shiva threatens the goons. The goons warns to kill him. Raavi intervenes and pleads with the goons to leave them. The goon snatches Raavi’s phone. They search for Shiva’s phone and asks him about the phone. Shiva says that it must have been fell on the road. Raavi offers the goons to give groceries from their shop in return of their freedom. Shiva asks her to shut up. The goons drag Raavi and tie her up Shiva tries to fight the goons. They beat him and tie him up. The goon warns to break Shiva’s leg and arms if he tries to fight again.

Krish’s friend informs Krish that Shiva’s bike is lying on the road and Shiva and Raavi may got kidnapped. Krish gets shocked. Other side Raavi keeps lamenting and shouting for help. Shiva asks her to be quiet and they argue. At Jagat’s house, Prafula is worried about Raavi. She tries to contact Raavi and says that her mobile is switched off. Jagat phones Shiva. Raavi and Shiva hear the phone ringing sound. Raavi says that his phone fell here. Shiva recalls dropping the down and kicking it away. Raavi asks him to attend the call. Shiva reminds her that his hands are tied up. Prafula worries and says that Shiva doesn’t answer the calls and shouts that Shiva killed Raavi. Jagat tries to calm her down in vain. Prafula goes to Suman’s house to check on Raavi.

Dhara phones Dev and asks where they’re. She says that Shiva and Raavi also didn’t reach yet. Shiva did not answer his call. Dev says they’re on the way and Shiva may not notice her call and they must be on the way too. Rishita complains why Dhara calls him, they’re not kid to get lost. Dev says that Dhara cares for them. Rishita says that she feels like he went far from her after their marriage and asks to go to somewhere where they both can be alone. Dev says that the life becomes beautiful by staying with the family and if Gautam had thought like her after his marriage, the brothers would have been begging on the road. Rishita looks upset.

Janardhan’s consoles Kalyani and says Rishita will come to her very soon. He tells her that he kidnapped Dev and Rishita has to come here to save Dev. Once she comes here, he will send her very far that no one can be find her then he will kill Dev. Kalyan looks shocked. Otherside Dev tells Rishita about Dhara’s sacrifices and says she should accept his family to get him.

Gautam, Dhara and Dev are worried about Raavi and Shiva as they can’t contact them. Rishita calls Shiva and Raavi irresponsible and says they must be arguing sitting somewhere and they’re waiting for them like fools. Dev shouts at Rishita. Dhara calms Dev down and says that Rishita is also worried for them. Gautam calls Shiva again. Shiva tries to move with the chair towards the phone. He somehow manages to reach the phone and tries to attend it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish informs the family about Raavi and Shiva’s kidnapping. Shiva and Raavi argue.

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