Pandya Store 20th November 2023 Written Update: Mask gang members attack Makwana house

Pandya Store 20th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha calling Dhawal but fails to contact with him. She calls Chirag and Amresh too but gets shocked when none of them gets connected. Natasha wonders if something is wrong. She recalls Dhawal saying face mask people being at Makwana house too. Amba takes all the jewellery and keeps in the room. Dhawal cuts his hand with one of weapons and starts fighting with the goons. Makwana brothers fight together with them. Here, Chiku tells Mithu and Sesh to call Natasha for puja of Pandya Store.


Suman calls Chiku and says him about Natasha and Isha being captivated by people wearing masks and her being kept locked inside the room. Natasha takes Hetal aside and says she is unable to call anyone from Makwana house and feels real mask Gang has entered there. She tells Hetal to execute plan B to take Isha home. Isha scolds Natasha for talking politely with kidnappers. Hetal takes Isha with her as per Natasha says. At Makwana house, they are still fighting while Hetal, Pranali and Dolly try to take Isha with the but she fools them and hide aside. Suddenly Isha screams seeing cockroach and gets caught.

Amba tells Chabili to go Srivatsa’s house as Golu has gone there and says her to stop him from returning back. Natasha runs behind Hetal’s car to stop them but they leave. She is about to get up in auto to follow them home but Chiku stops her. Mask gang goons get hold of Amba and bring her to hall where Makwana brothers are fighting with rest of members. They tell about not being able to find the jewellery yet. Pandyas and Natasha sit in taxi to start following Hetal’s car.

Isha gets shocked to see car reaching Makwana house. She denies entering inside. But Hetal and Pranali forcefully brings her out. Makwanas manage to captivate all the mask gang members. Chiku asks Natasha why they brought Isha to Makwana house. She confuses him with her answers. Dhawal tells he will call police. Amba hugs all her sons being worried. Suman tells her grandsons that she feels Natasha is doing something and always gives her tension. Isha is about escape when she hears Amresh saying that Amba’s life is in danger. Natasha reaches Hetal and gang and they tell about Isha escaping.

Chiku notices Isha running and goes to follow. Natasha also notices another mask gang member and tells Hetal about it. Natasha reaches home and Dhawal says her to go out as it’s risky. Hetal, Pranali and Dolly also enter inside wearing masks so Amresh misunderstands that she planned to steal jewellery from house. Dhawal says Natasha cannot do it. Amresh gets shocked to see Hetal under the mask. Isha tells Chiku to go and turn main switch off as there are thieves inside. Masked gang members again attack Makwanas. Chiku turn the light off. He tells Isha that they need to enter inside the house. Hetal and Pranali light up the diyas. Isha hesitates to enter Makwana house. The episode ends with Isha being confused what to do.


Amresh will angrily ask why Isha has returned to house. Natasha will say she has brought Isha home. Amresh will tell that she is not their sister and has broken all ties with them already.

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