Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Written Update: Krish’s decision shocks the Pandyas

Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shweta trying to escape from the Pandya house. But Krish’s arrival with Chiku foils her plan. Shweta asks why Chiku isn’t with Dhara. Krish thinks that he can’t leave Chiku with a drunken Shweta. Krish says that he wants to keep Chiku with him for that night as he is leaving the next day. Krish asks for Chiku’s blanket. Shweta gives it to him. Krish leaves. Shweta drops the plan of running away since she doesn’t want to fall low in the eyes of the Pandyas.

The morning, Raavi is on call with Arnab. She says that she can’t meet him that day since it’s Chiku’s last day in Pandyas’ house. Shweta comes downstairs with Chiku. Dhara looks at Chiku sadly. Suman feels bad for Dhara. Rishita says that she should go to get Saachi’s vaccination and then to the police station. Dev says that he will go to both places and asks Rishita to stay at home. Shweta thinks that Rishita is always behind her. She should delete everything related to Forum from her phone.

Chiku cries. Shweta is unable to calm him down. Dhara hands her Chiku’s a bag which contains Chiku’s clothes and toys that Shweta forgot to pack. She asks Shweta to hold Chiku properly. Rishita and Suman ask Dhara to stop caring about Chiku as he is Shweta’s responsibility. Dhara gives the list of medicine that she gives for Chiku.

In the room, Gautam looks for his wallet in the cupboard and finds Chiku’s handprints. He remembers the past and worries about Dhara’s condition after Chiku’s departure. Suman says to call Shweta’s parents. Just then they hear dhol sounds. Raavi is surprised that Shweta’s parents took a music band with them to take Shweta back home. Dhara locks herself in not being able to see Chiku’s departure. She cries her heart out. Shweta requests Suman to let her stay in her house for a few more days. Rishita says that Shweta should be happy to return to her big house where she doesn’t need to do any other work than to take care of Chiku.

Shweta’s parents greet Suman. They make her wear a garland. Suman is surprised that they bought sweets and flowers to thank them. Shweta’s mom asks Suman why she wants to send Shaweta back when she sent them a marriage proposal for Shweta. Pandyas are confused. Suman asks Shweta’s marriage, with whom. Just then, Krish arrives there and says with him. Pandyas are stunned to hear this. Rishita scolds Krish and asks if he wants to marry Shweta. Krish replies yes and asks what the problem is. Rishita says that Krish isn’t ready for any responsibility, he is still studying.

Rishita asks Suman to make Krish understand. Shweta says that Rishita is right. She says that she just got out of a toxic relationship and she’s not ready for that. She says that Krish wants to marry her out of pity. She refuses to spoil someone else’s life to make her life. Krish claims that he has feelings for Shweta and it’s not sympathy. Gautam calms down Suman. He says that Krish should have talked to his family before making such a big decision. Krish says to Shweta that they have their whole lives to understand each other.

Rishita tries to make Krish understand that a marriage isn’t a joke, but a big responsibility. Shweta’s mom says that Krish isn’t a child and he must have taken the decision to marry Shweta after thinking a lot. She praises Krish and Suman’s upbringing. Krish says that Dhara raised him. Dhara recalls her break down in front of Krish and doubts if Krish wants to marry Shweta for her sake. Krish takes Chiku from Shweta and hands it to Dhara. Krish says that Chiku can stay in this house for some more days. He says to Shweta’s family that he will accept Shweta’s any decision about marrying him. Shweta and her parents leave.

Suman confronts Krish. She asks Krish why he wants to marry Shweta, the mother of a child. As Krish doesn’t answer her, Suman firmly says that this marriage won’t take place. Rishita says that the problem isn’t that Shweta is a mother of a child, but Shweta isn’t a good girl. She gets negative vibes from her. Raavi asks Rishita what is wrong with Shweta. She says that they should support Krish if he loves Shweta. Dhara asks Krish if he wants to marry Shweta for her sake. The family looks on stunned.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish asks Shweta if she really wants to marry him, if he won’t regret her decision. Shweta says that he told her that they have their whole life to understand each other, so they won’t have time to regret it. Krish says to let marry now in the temple. Suman says to forget that she’s his mother and never show his face to her and come back to this house, if he marries her.

The episode starts with Shweta pacing the terrace nervously remembering Suman’s decision and worrying that she would be free longer if she returned to her parents’ house. She kicks the boxes placed on the table. Hearing this noise, Krish wakes up thinking a thief has entered the house. Meanwhile, Dhara is spending time with Chiku. She wonders how to convince her heart to stay without Chiku. On the terrace, Shweta finds an alcohol bottle in the box. She starts to drink it. Krish arrives there to check if a thief has entered the house. He sees Shweta drinking Gautam’s alcohol bottle. He stops Shweta from drinking the bottle fully and throws it away.

Shweta reacts angrily at Krish for not letting her drink alcohol. She then breaks down in tears. She starts to lament about her miserable condition. She says that the person with whom she eloped left her. She says that she wanted a care free life and a person who loves her, but she was given a baby who is an obstacle to her freedom. Shweta says that she got the baby despite not wanting him, while Dhara, who longs for a baby, didn’t get it. She cries her out.

Rishita is thinking about Shweta. Dev comes into the room. He says that he is proud of Rishita for the way she handled Dhara and the family. He kisses her cheek and says that he loves her. Rishita shares her doubts about Shweta with Dev. Dev says to forget about Shweta as she’s going to leave the house. Rishita isn’t convinced and says that she’s playing a big game.

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