Pandya Store 21st April 2021 Written Update: Shiva and Raavi are in trouble

Pandya Store 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the goons breaking Shiva’s mobile and they beat him. The goon receive Janardhan’s call. The goon takes Janardhan’s name. Shiva and Raavi look shocked. Shiva warns Janardhan. The goon asks if they should kill both the girl and boy. Janardhan says which girl, he asked to kidnap only Dev and Shiva. The goon says a girl was there with him, so they kidnapped her as well. The goon asks if he should free the girl. Janardhan scolds the goon and says that he will come and cuts the call.

Kamini slaps Janardhan. She says that Rishita already humiliated them and now he has done kidnapping. Janardhan says that he will teach a lesson to the pandya family so that no one dare to mess up with him. Kamini firmly says that she will handle this matter and asks him to be quiet.

Prafula and Jagat come to Suman’s house searching for Raavi. Suman asks why they’re searching for Raavi. Prafula says that Raavi’s phone is switched off from morning. Suman twists Prafula’s ear and says that her sons have gone to the temple and the phone is switched off so that no one disturb them. Suman asks them to leave. Prafula sits outside of the house and says that she will not leave until she meets Raavi.

Other side Ravi argue with Shiva. Kaminu calls the goons and strictly says that the goons shouldn’t take Janardhan’s name even if they get caught. At the temple, Dhara drops the puja plate by mistake. Dhara feels dizziness. Gautam holds her. Dev gives Dhara water. Gautam asks her if she’s fine. Dhara says that she’s fine and asks for Raavi and Shiva.

Meanwhile Shiva manages to untie his legs and tries to find a way to escape. Other side at the temple, Gautam and Dev assures Dhara that nothing will happen to Shiva and Shiva and Raavi will come. Dhara asks to call Shiva.

Raavi shouts seeing a lizard. Shiva asks her not to shout else the goons will come. Raavi gets scared and hides her face in Shiva’s chest. Other hand Krish informs Gautam, Dhara and others that he friend saw some goons kidnapping Shiva and Raavi. Dev says that Janardhan must’ve kidnapped them. Rishita defends Janardhan and says that he has nothing to do with Shiva and Raavi. Dev says that Janardhan is taking revenge. Rishita wants to call her dad, but Dev stops her. One goon come to Shiva and Raavi. The goon misbehaves with Raavi. Shiva manages to free his hands and beats the goon. He ties the goon up and goes out.

Gautam asks Dhara and others to go home while Gautam and Dev will go to find Shiva and Raavi. He asks not say anything to Suman. Dhara asks to bring Shiva and Raavi safe and sound. Gautam nods and leaves with Dev. Dhara prays for Shiva and Dev.

Meanwhile the goon holds Raavi at gun point and asks Shiva to free his man. Shiva frees the goon. The goon beats Shiva and ties him up. Shiva warns the goons. The goons threatens them and leaves. Raavi scolds Shiva. Shiva asks her to keep quiet and says that the goons came upstairs hearing her shouts. Raavi says that she got scaredof lizard. Shiva asks to shut up and says that he will not take her with him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gautam and Dev confront and threatens Janardhan. Shiva asks Raavi to untie his hands using her teeth.

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