Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Written Update: Shweta agrees to marry Krish

Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara asking Krish if he wants to marry Shweta for her sake. She says that she can’t forgive herself in that case. She demands to know why he wants to marry Shweta. Krish apologizes to Dhara in his mind. He shouts at Dhara and says that he didn’t take this decision for her sake. He then confronts his family.

He says that everyone in the family has the right to love except him. He says that Rishita is insecure that she will be less valued if a rich girl than Rishita enters the house. Rishita admits that she’s against Krish and Shweta’s marriage. She says that there’s no love between Krish and Shweta, so their marriage won’t last. She says a woman who can’t be a good mother can never be a good wife. She spills that she fixed cameras to keep an eye on Shweta as she was sure that she was doing something to keep Chiku away from her.

She says that Shweta was on the phone call when Chiku got kidnapped and didn’t give her blood sample to the doctor. She adds that she even knows the kidnapper, Forum. Raavi defends Shweta. She goes and stands with Krish and says that he is with Krish. Dhara also supports Krish and Shweta’s marriage, which shocks the family. Suman says to Dhara if she’s supporting Krish, thinking of getting Chiku after Krish and Shweta’s marriage, it’s not possible. Shiva and Gautam are in a dilemma about whom to support. Raavi tries to defend Suman.

The latter silences her. Suman accuses Dhara of becoming selfish and being ready to sacrifice Krish to get Chiku. Dhara denies it and says that it’s about Krish’s happiness and nothing is more important for her than his happiness. Gautam asks Suman if Krish’s happiness is marrying Shweta, then what the problem is. He says that if Shweta agrees to marry Krish, they should support Krish. Suman is shocked to hear Gautam. 

Meanwhile, Shweta argues with her parents about deciding to get her married to Krish. Here Suman says that Krish is a child and he can’t take the decision of his life. Dev says that Krish is no longer a child. He learned his lessons after Kirti’s matter and he must have taken this decision after thinking a lot.

He says that he also supports Krish. Shiva also stands at Krish’s side while Suman and Krish stand shocked. There, Shweta refuses to get married to Pandyas’ family, who are middle-class people and, moreover, she doesn’t love Krish. Shweta’s mom says that Shweta can’t get a better family than Pandyas and praises Krish. She firmly says that Shweta has to marry Krish.

Here Rishita firmly stands against Krish and Shweta’s marriage as Shweta isn’t the right choice for this family. Suman supports Rishita and says that Krish won’t be happy with Shweta. Rishita assures Suman that Shweta won’t agree to marry Krish. The latter worries about Shweta refusing to marry him. Rishita takes Chutki and says that she’s also with them. There, Shweta says to her parents that Krish wants to marry her for their money and threatens to leave the house if they force her to marry Krish.

Shweta’s father asks Shweta to leave. He says that he is transforming the properties into Chiku’s name and those who will be with Chiku will have rights to the property. Shweta is shocked and asks how they can do it with their single daughter. Shweta’s mom assures Shweta that after she marries Krish, they will make her the guardian of Chiku and she can have the rights to the property till Chiku’s 18 years old. 

Shweta and her parents arrive at Pandyas’ house. Suman thinks that she has come to take back Chiku and hands her Chiku. To Suman and Rishita’s shock, Shweta agrees to marry Krish. Dhara thanks Shweta and unites Krish and Shweta’s hands. Suman shouts Dhara.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish decides marry Shweta immediately in the temple. Suman threatens to throw Krish out of the house and cut all ties with him if he marries Shweta.

The episode starts with Shweta trying to escape from the Pandya house. But Krish’s arrival with Chiku foils her plan. Shweta asks why Chiku isn’t with Dhara. Krish thinks that he can’t leave Chiku with a drunken Shweta. Krish says that he wants to keep Chiku with him for that night as he is leaving the next day. Krish asks for Chiku’s blanket. Shweta gives it to him. Krish leaves. Shweta drops the plan of running away since she doesn’t want to fall low in the eyes of the Pandyas.

The morning, Raavi is on call with Arnab. She says that she can’t meet him that day since it’s Chiku’s last day in Pandyas’ house. Shweta comes downstairs with Chiku. Dhara looks at Chiku sadly. Suman feels bad for Dhara. Rishita says that she should go to get Saachi’s vaccination and then to the police station. Dev says that he will go to both places and asks Rishita to stay at home. Shweta thinks that Rishita is always behind her. She should delete everything related to Forum from her phone.

Chiku cries. Shweta is unable to calm him down. Dhara hands her Chiku’s a bag which contains Chiku’s clothes and toys that Shweta forgot to pack. She asks Shweta to hold Chiku properly. Rishita and Suman ask Dhara to stop caring about Chiku as he is Shweta’s responsibility. Dhara gives the list of medicine that she gives for Chiku.

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