Pandya Store 22nd April 2021 Written Update : Gautam warns Janardhan

Pandya Store 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi’s saree pallu slipping down from her shoulder while trying to free herself. She cries saying how she will put it back. Shiva closes his eyes and slowly moves his chair towards Raavi. He puts the saree pallu back on her shoulder using his theeth. Raabta plays in the BG. They share an eyelock.

Dhara and other return home. Prafula worries as Raavi and Shiva didn’t come with them and asks Dhara where they’re. She asks if Shiva has done something with Raavi. Suman intervenes and asks Dhara where Shiva and Raavi are. Dhara tells that Shiva and Raavi didn’t reach the temple. Shiva’s bike was found lying on the road. They got kidnapped. Suman, Prafula and Jagat look shocked.

Gautam and Dev come to Janardhan. Janardhan gets shocked on seeing Dev there. Gautam asks where Shiva and Raavi are. They got kidnapped and apart him no one can do such cheap act. Janardhan threatens to close his shop. Gautam holds Janardhan’s neck and says the shop isn’t more important than his brother and warns if something happens to Shiva, he will kill him. Kamini comes there and calls the security. Dev says not to act smart as Gautam is holding her brother’s neck. Gautam says that he can do anything for his brother. Kamini asks Gautam to leave Janardhan.

Gautam asks to relase Shiva and Raavi. Kamini denies the allegation and says that if they had wanted to kidnap anyone, they would’ve kidnapped Dev and not Shiva. Gautam asks her to keep her twisted words for politics. Gautam threatens to file complaint against Janardhan with the police. Kamini asks him to go ahead and tells that police will not believe them. Gautam demands to return Shiva and Raavi before evening else he will come back and burn Janardhan and his house. He leaves with Dev.

Meanwhile Prafula cries and says to Jagat to bring back Raavi. Suman asks Prafula to be quiet and asks why anyone would kidnap Shiva and Raavi. Dhara asks her to calm down, Gautam and Dev have gone to find out. Suman asks to call Gautam. Krish says that he’s not picking the call. Rishita asks Krish to dial Dev’s number. She worries for Dev when she can’t contact him and prays for his safety.

Kamini scolds Janardhan for kidnapping Shiva and Raavi. Janardhan admits the mistake and says that he will rectify it. Kamini says enough, and says that she will handle this matter. Dev wants to file complaint against Janardhan, but Gautam says that they can’t because they don’t have any evidence against him and also Kamini is a politician. Gautam says that they should keep an eye on Janardhan to find Shiva and Raavi’s whereabouts. He says he has a plan.

Rishita wants to call her father, but Dhara refuses. Prafula wants to take police help to find Raavi and tries to walks out. Suman throws a stick towards Prafula to stop her, but Dhara comes between and gets hurt. Suman says because of Prafula, her daughter got hurt. Dhara gets emotional hearing this and says that she can’t tell Suman that Janardhan is behind the kidnapping else she will hate Rishita.

Other side, Shiva asks Raavi to open the rope tied around his hands using her teeth. At Gautam’s house, Suman says that no one will go out until Gautam and Dev come back. She further says that if Prafula goes to the Police station, from now on Raavi will not be this house’s daughter-in-law. Jagat asks Prafula to wait. Other side, Raavi tries to free Shiva. Shiva looks on. Raabta plays in the BG.

Dev is standing outside Janardhan’s house. Krish comes there. He phones Janardhan and tells that the girl escaped. Janardhan gets shocked. He tells the same to Kamini. She scolds Janardhan and asks to call his man and find out. Janardhan calls back to the same number and finds the number is switched off. He tries to contact his man and he’s phone is non-reachable. Kamini says that it could be a trap for him. Janardhan agrees, so he calls his servant Pappu. He asks him to go to the godown and make the goon talk to him. Raavi frees Shiva’s hand. She smiles looking at Shiva.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva fights the goons. Dev, Gautam and Krish come there and beat the goons.

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