Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Pandyas face Suman’s rage

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shweta agreeing to marry Krish. Dhara unites Krish and Shweta’s hands. Krish thinks that he has a reason for wanting to marry Shweta, but why she has changed her decision. Suman asks Shweta why she changed her decision. She separates Krish and Shweta’s hands.

She says that this marriage won’t take place. She asks the Patels to leave, taking their daughter and grandchild. She asks Krish to put Shweta’s luggage in their and sent them. Shweta imagines her parents throwing her out of the house. She is scared of not getting her parents’property if Krish sends her out. So she starts her drama. She says that she doesn’t love Krish, so she refused to marry him, but she learned the value of relationships after leaving their house. Rishita refuses to believe Shweta and mocks her.

Shweta says that her parents make her realize how important they’re in her life. She says that she has got the habit of their love and she can’t stay without them. She sheds crocodile tears. Rishita thinks that Shweta is doing great acting. Shweta’s parents also think the same. Shweta tries to convince Suman by doing melodrama. Rishita takes Dev aside. She tries to change Dev’s mind , but in vain.

Rishita says to Suman not to believe Shweta’s melodrama, she is acting. Dhara requests Suman to give her approval. Suman stays firm in her decision. Shweta begs the Pandya brothers to convince Suman. She starts her melodrama again.

She says that she wants to become Pandyas’ family’s daughter-in-law so that Chiku gets a family, their love and their values. She tries to manipulate Suman. Shweta’s mother requests Suman to accept Krish and Shweta’s marriage proposal. Suman shouts at Shweta’s mother and blames her for Krish’s decision. She asks if she will agree to marry her son to a girl like Shweta. As Shweta’s mother stays silent.

Suman asks them to get out. Dhara says to Suman to look at Krish. She asks if she wants Krish to have heartbreak again. She asks Suman to agree to Krish’s happiness. The Pandya brothers also try to change Suman’s mind. Suman becomes angry and shouts. Dhara calms down and asks her to understand Krish’s feelings. Suman says that Dhara is supporting Krish for Chiku.

She firmly says that neither Shweta nor Chiku. Shweta starts her drama again. She defends Dhara. She says that she wishes to give Chiku to Dhara, but her motherly love for Chiku stops her. She says that she understands her decision, so she’s leaving. Rishita says great. She hugs Dhara. The latter cries, looking at Chiku, and asks Shweta to take care of him. Shweta apologizes to Krish. She says that she tried to convince, but she is adamant. She wishes that Krish gets a good life partner. She begins to leave smiling, thinking thankfully Suman didn’t get convinced. Krish stops Shweta.

The episode ends.

Precap: Krish decides to marry Shweta immediately in the temple. Suman threatens to throw him out of the house and cut all ties with him if he marries Shweta.

The episode starts with Dhara asking Krish if he wants to marry Shweta for her sake. She says that she can’t forgive herself in that case. She demands to know why he wants to marry Shweta. Krish apologizes to Dhara in his mind. He shouts at Dhara and says that he didn’t take this decision for her sake. He then confronts his family.

He says that everyone in the family has the right to love except him. He says that Rishita is insecure that she will be less valued if a rich girl than Rishita enters the house. Rishita admits that she’s against Krish and Shweta’s marriage. She says that there’s no love between Krish and Shweta, so their marriage won’t last. She says a woman who can’t be a good mother can never be a good wife. She spills that she fixed cameras to keep an eye on Shweta as she was sure that she was doing something to keep Chiku away from her.

She says that Shweta was on the phone call when Chiku got kidnapped and didn’t give her blood sample to the doctor. She adds that she even knows the kidnapper, Forum. Raavi defends Shweta. She goes and stands with Krish and says that he is with Krish. Dhara also supports Krish and Shweta’s marriage, which shocks the family. Suman says to Dhara if she’s supporting Krish, thinking of getting Chiku after Krish and Shweta’s marriage, it’s not possible. Shiva and Gautam are in a dilemma about whom to support. Raavi tries to defend Suman.

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