Pandya Store 23rd April 2021 Written Update : Raavi misunderstands Shiva

Pandya Store 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi asking Shiva to untie her. Shiva thinks of fighting the goons before freeing Raavi and leaves from there which shocks Raavi. Janardhan’s servant tells the goons that the girl run away. The goons say that the girl is inside. The servant informs Janardhan. The latter asks to tell the goons to shift Shiva and Raavi to a new location. He cuts the call and says it must be Gautam’s plan and he must be near the godown.

Raavi shouts asking Shiva to free her and thinks he’s selfish, he left leaving her here. Other side Shiva beats the goons. He stops hearing Raavi’s scream and thinks Raavi spoiled his plan again. He goes back to her and sees the goons holding Raavi. Raavi says that she hates him and will never forgive him for leaving her with the goons.

Shiva says to the goons that she hates him, they don’t have any relation. Janardhan asked to catch him. He runs asking them to catch him. The goons run after Shiva leaving Raavi. A goon shoots towards Shiva. Suddenly Shiva, Gautam and Krish come and beat the goons. Dev frees Raavi.

Meanwhile Prafula brings Raavi’s luggages from her room and says that when Raavi will come back, she will not stay let Raavi to stay with Shiva even for a second. Other side. Raavi tries to argue with Shiva, but she faints and Shiva holds her. Shiva says that Janardhan kidnapped them and he will not spare him. Gautam says that he knows, but now they have to go home, everyone worried and asks to look at Raavi’s condition.

Shiva lifts Raavi in his arms. Suman asks Prafula not to say anything against Shiva. Prafula says that she can’t leave Raavi with an irresponsible Shiva and decides to take Raavi with her. Suman says that then Raavi will never come back here. Jagat asks Prafula to be quiet.

Gautam, Dev, Krish come back home. Dhara asks them where Raavi and Shiva. Rishita hugs Dev and kisses him. Shiva comes holding Raavi in his arms. Prafula says that Shiva killed Raavi and tries to him. The brothers stop her. Raavi gains consciousnes and raise her hand to slap Shiva, but Dhara holds her hand and asks what she’s doing. Raavi says to Shiva that everyone used to say bad about him, but she thought he’s nice, but she was wrong.

Dhara says that her Shiva isn’t like that. Raavi says that Shiva left her alone with the goons. He always considered as his ennemy and today he took his revenge on her. Raavi scolds Shiva. Suman shouts and asks Raavi to shut up. Suman says that they can see her son’s value. They have problem with Shiva then they will remedy it. She asks Gautam to call the lawyer to get Shiva and Raavi divorced. All looks shocked.

Suman asks Prafula to take Raavi with her. Jagat says no. Suman says that Shiva sacrificed his happiness and married Raavi and saved her life and she can’t tolerate anyone badmouthing him. She asks Guatam to call the lawyer.

Shiva asks Suman to let it be. He says that he doesn’t need to give any explanation to anyone and let Raavi think that he didn’t save her. He asks Raavi to decide if she wants to live with him or not. Suman asks Raavi to think and decide. She adds that she has the freedom to take any decision. Dev says that he knows Shiva from childhood, he can never leave her alone in the trouble. Even if he doesn’t have any relation with her, he would’ve given his life to save her and now she’s his wife and Shiva knows to value the relationship.

Dhara says that there should trust in a relationship. She understands there’s no love between them but they know each other since childhood, at least she should trust him. Raavi asks how she can trust him when since childhood there’s only rivalry between them. Dhara says that she should give opportunity for relations to get better. Prafula asks Dhara to stop lecturing and says that she will let Raavi stay here. She asks Raavi to come with her. Raavi doesn’t move. She looks at Shiva and recalls their wedding. Raavi refuses to go with Prafula. She says that she will not run showing her back to Shiva. She will fight back and Jagat gives her that courage.

Jagat says that there’s no love between her and Shiva, but there was no love between Gautam and Dhara when they got married. He asks her to forget the past and move on. Prafula says enough and says she doesn’t want to hear more. She blesses Raavi and leaves with Jagat. Suman asks Shiva, who kidnapped them. They all look at Rushita. Rishita wonders why everyone looks at like this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva places a sleeping Raavi on the bed. Raavi wakes up. Shiva says that he didn’t come to fight. Raavi says that she hates him.

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