Pandya Store 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Dhara saves Suman

Pandya Store 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman assuring Dhara that it won’t rain. Raavi prays to God. She says that Shivani efforts shouldn’t go vain. The sky gets cleared. The brothers get happy that it won’t rain. They restart their work. Gautam thinks in mind that he’s lucky to get such brothers. Suman says that Dhara is lucky to get such caring family. Dhara agrees with her.

Gautam complains that the brothers have grown up so that they don’t listen to him anymore. He asks what they would have done it had rained, if they have any plan B. The brothers remain silent. Gautam scolds them and brings a plastic sheet. Shiva says that they know he will complete their incomplete work. Krish jokes saying only elder people gets such idea. Gautam says that he won’t let them borrow money again to buy materials if the cement gets spoiled. It’s not good to borrow money.

Anita comes to Janardan house. Kamini scolds her employee to let anyone meet them. Anita says that she has come to talk about Rishita. Kalyani asks what happened to Rishita. Kamini stops Kalyani and asks Anita who she is. Anita says that she is related to Pandya family, but she is concerned about Rishita. Rishita has to adjust in Pandya family. She narrates them about the bathroom incident that happened in Pandya’s house. Anita says that she couldn’t see Rishita crying, so she has come to inform them and to become their friend. Kamini slaps Anita and tells to get out.

Rishita comes to the kitchen and wants to help Raavi in cooking. The latter said that she had made the sabzi already. Rishita cries and complains no one love her in the family. She lifts the hot ustensil and shouts. Raavi puts Rishita’s hand into the water to sooth her pain. Raavi tells her that the family care for her. They have talk about Dev. Rishita says that Dev always get angry on her. he is not talking to her. Raavi says that she should understand the brothers are very sensitive about Dhara. Rishita says that Dev never used to be like this when they were in relationship for two years. But whenever it’s about Dhara, he gets angry. Raavi says that she knows Dev since childhood, he doesn’t get easily angry, but if he gets angry, they should leave to get calm himself. Rishita says that she is jealous of Raavi as she understands Dev better than her. Shiva hears this. Raavi denies and says that she knows all the three brothers as they all have grown up together. Shiva walks away getting upset.

Gautam gets Rasik phone. Rasik informs that Janardan is coming to get Shiva’s property papers and tells him to retrieve the property before him. Gautam informs the same to Shiva and sends him to Rasik. Anita comes back home and laments that Dhara’s bedroom is getting constructed. Prafula notices that she bought white cement white and scolds her for wasting the money. Prafula adds that the Pandya brothers has chosen the rainy season to build the room. If water gets into the cement, the cement will get spoiled then they won’t be able to make room. Anita gets happy hearing this.

Dev asks Gautam what happened why he’s tensed. Gautam says that he had sent Shiva to Rasik, Janardan has an eye on their property which shocks Dev. Dev asks Janardan is involved in this. Gautam tells him to talk slowly if Rishita hears this, she will feel bad. He is worried for Shiva, so shared with him. Dev reassures Gautam and says that Shiva will handle Janardan.

Rasik man is waiting for Shiva with the property papers. Janardan comes there and beats the man for double crossing him. Shiva comes there and snatches the property papers from Janardan’s hand. Shiva gets ready to leave, but Janardan stops him and argue with Shiva. He tells his men to attack Shiva.

Dhara notices briks falling over Suman. She shouts mom and pushes her away to save her. Dhara falls getting hurt. The brothers get shocked seeing this and come running downstaits. Gautam cares for Dhara while other family members care for Suman. Suman sees Gautam and cries. Gautam realizes Suman is also hurt and asks if she’s fine. She assures him she’s fine. Gautam aids Dhara’s wound. Krish says that thankfully Dhara saved Suman. The latter looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anita mixes water in the cement to spoil it. Anita notices Gautam and Dhara getting close and some water falls over Dhara and Gautam.

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