Pandya Store 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Suman permits Krish to marry Shweta

Pandya Store 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Krish stopping Shweta and asking if she really wants to marry her, if she won’t regret her decision in the future. Shweta replies she won’t. So, Krish declares that they don’t need anyone’s permission as they are adults. He says that they will get married in the temple with the blessings of her parents. Everyone is shocked by Krish’s decision. Shweta hopes that Suman stops Krish. Suman calls out to Krish. She says that she can never permit him to marry Shweta. She threatens Krish to throw him out of the house and cut all ties with him if he marries Shweta.

Krish says that Suman has three other sons and daughters-in-law to look after him, but Shweta is handling a fatherless child alone, so he wants to support her. He adds that he will return after marrying Shweta to take her blessing and will stay there. He reminds Suman that she used to hate Rishita, but now she’s her favorite. He says that Shweta will also make a place in her heart and she will love her. He asks Suman to give Shweta a chance. Suman declares that she doesn’t have any relation with Krish. She beats him with her stick. The Pandyas try to stop Suman.

The latter drops the stick, getting tired. Suman says that Krish is breaking her heart with his decision. She asks him to get out of the house along with Shweta. Krish says to Shweta that Suman agreed. He says to Shweta not to be scared of Suman’s violence, this is her way to bless them. Krish begins to leave, holding Shweta’s hand. Shweta leaves Krish’s hand. She refuses to marry Krish against Suman’s wishes. Dhara says to Suman that Shweta respects her words. She says that Krish’s choice is correct and requests her to agree.

Shweta gives Chiku to her mom and says that she doesn’t want to marry Krish against his family’s wishes. She tries to convince Suman, but it’s in vain. She says that maybe she’s not lucky to have been the daughter-in-law of this family. Krish thinks that he has to convince Shweta to marry him for Dhara’s sake. Krish calls out to Shweta, but she leaves. Shweta walks out thanking God inwardly for saving her from this wedding.

Inside, Krish says to Suman that she proved that she doesn’t care at all about him. Just then, a car hits Shweta and she faints. The Pandyas and the Patels come out hearing Shweta’s scream. They are shocked to find Shweta lying unconscious in the road. They take her inside the house and care about her. Shweta’s mom blames Suman for Shweta’s accident. She rebukes Suman for not accepting an unmarried mother as her daughter-in-law. Dhara defends Suman.

Shweta gains consciousness. Shweta’s mom declares that she doesn’t want Shweta to marry Krish when Suman is against this marriage. Shweta becomes happy. Dhara says to Shweta’s mom that they will convince Suman. However, Shweta’s mom gets ready to leave, taking Shweta with her. To everyone’s surprise, Suman stops Shweta holding her hand. Suman says that she asked Shweta to leave the house, not the world. She says that she thinks that she can keep Krish happy. Shweta and Rishita are shocked by Suman’s decision, while the rest of the family are happy and thank Suman.

Dhara feeds sweets to everyone to celebrate it. Rishita refuses to eat the sweets. Shweta’s mom wants to fix the wedding date. Dhara says that Suman knows a priest, so she will fix the date. Shweta’s mom agrees. Suman suggests Shweta and her parents shift them to a nearby house to handle the wedding preparations. Dhara says that Hemant’s house is empty. Suman says that he will talk to them. Shweta is unhappy. Suman thinks that she will wait for Krish to admit that he wants to marry Shweta for Dhara.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shweta is on call with someone. Shweta says that she’s forced to marry Krish. Rishita confronts Shweta. She asks why she agreed to marry Krish. Shweta says that she has already told the reason. Rishita asks who is going to Dubai, for whom she searches job and house there. Shweta’s phone rings. Shweta looks shocked.

The episode starts with Shweta agreeing to marry Krish. Dhara unites Krish and Shweta’s hands. Krish thinks that he has a reason for wanting to marry Shweta, but why she has changed her decision. Suman asks Shweta why she changed her decision. She separates Krish and Shweta’s hands.

She says that this marriage won’t take place. She asks the Patels to leave, taking their daughter and grandchild. She asks Krish to put Shweta’s luggage in their and sent them. Shweta imagines her parents throwing her out of the house. She is scared of not getting her parents’property if Krish sends her out. So she starts her drama. She says that she doesn’t love Krish, so she refused to marry him, but she learned the value of relationships after leaving their house. Rishita refuses to believe Shweta and mocks her.

Shweta says that her parents make her realize how important they’re in her life. She says that she has got the habit of their love and she can’t stay without them. She sheds crocodile tears. Rishita thinks that Shweta is doing great acting. Shweta’s parents also think the same. Shweta tries to convince Suman by doing melodrama. Rishita takes Dev aside. She tries to change Dev’s mind , but in vain.

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