Pandya Store 24th April 2021 Written Update: Gautam threatens Janardhan

Pandya Store 24th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam saying to Suman that they don’t know who have kidnapped Shiva-Raavi. They don’t have rivalry with anyone. Suman asks to find out. Gautam says that Police is investigating. Suman asks him to tell her when they will find out the culprit.

Suman says that someone casted evil eyes in the marriage of her sons, so there are facing only problems. She wants to go to Kuldevi temple to remedy it. She further says that they will stay in Kaka’s mansion, which is empty. Dhara makes Raavi to sit and tends her wounds.

Rishita does packing. Rishita asks Dev about tauji’s mansion. Dev says that it’s is their grandfather’s friend’s mansion, no one stays there, the family shifted to New York. Dad used to take care of it. Now it’s their responsibility. There’s a kuldevi’s temple nearby and whenever they go there, they stay in that mansion. Rishita gets excited and says that they will have fun there, it’s like their honeymoon.

Dev reminds her that they’re going to do puja. Rishita asks Dev what happened, if he’s not happy that they’re going there. Dev says that Mom wants to visit the temple to ward off evil eyes from the family and that evil eyes is her dad’s. He did very wrong by kidnapping Shiva-Raavi. Rishita looks shocked.

Dhara comes to Shiva to enquire if he’s fine. Gautam comes there too. Shiva says that he heard the goons speaking to Janardhan and if he stops him this time, the next target could be anyone in the family. Gautam says that he will accompany him. Dhara says that they should answer back Janardhan using their brain. She asks to think about Rishita, who is a part of their family. She will feel bad when she will learn that they beated her dad.

Shiva says that they can tell Janardhan that they have Janardhan’s phone recording. Gautam phones Janardhan and lies that they have an evidence against him. Shiva recorded while your goon speaking to him. Gautam asks Janardhan to stay away from his family else he will give the recording to the police station. He asks to think what will happen with him and her MLA sister. Janardhan thinks of staying away from Pandya family for a while for his sister’s sake.

Rishita refuses to believe that Janardhan kidnapped Shiva-Raavi. Dev says that she failed to see her dad’s true face. He says his family is her family too. He asks Rishita to break all ties with her dad. Rishita says that she left everything for him, but she can’t believe that dad kidnapped Shiva-Raavi. Dev says that she believes or not, the truth will not change. Rishita says fine, she’s already not in touch with her dad. She says this is their first trip after marriage and asks him to promise that he will spend more time with him.

Dev reminds her that they’re going for a family trip, so they won’t get much time to spend together. Rishita gets upset. Dev assures Rishita that they will spend together whatever time that they will get.

Shiva comes to the room and finds Raavi sleeping sitting. He recalls Raavi’s words. He wonders how he’s going to spend the whole life. Raabta plays in the BG. He lifts her in his arms and puts her on the mat. Raavi wakes up. Shiva says that he didn’t want to argue with her and asks her to sleep as she must be tired. Raavi gets up. She argues with him and says that she hates him. Shiva says that makes no difference.

The next morning, pandya family is shown going in the bus to Kuldevi temple. Rishita is taking selfie with Dev. Shiva and Raavi sitting separately and they’re sad. Dhara asks Raavi to sit with Shiva as they’re going to the temple for puja and the couple should sit together. Raavi argues with Shiva to get the window side seat. She says that she will throw out on him if he doesn’t give the seat. Shiva gives her the seat. They argue. Dhara tells about an childhood incident of Raavi and Shiva so that they both have a normal talk, but Shiva and Raavi started arguing again.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shiva and Dev get into an argument.

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