Pandya Store 24th June 2022 Written Update: Shiva disguises as a bangle seller to meet Raavi

Pandya Store 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara locking the cupboard unaware of Shiva being inside. Dhara leaves the room. Shiva wonders how to get out of the cupboard without anyone’s knowledge. He hears door opening and says that someone has come.

Raavi looks at the photos of Shiva and herself and talks to Shiva. She asks him where he is and says to return to him. Shiva says to himself that he is here only and will return to her. He says her to wait for his return. Raavi says to herself that Shiva will return. She opens the cupboard. Shiva holds Raavi’s dupatta and gets emotional. Dhara calls out Raavi. The latter is about to move and stops feeling a pull in her dupatta.

Raavi takes a shirt of Shiva. She cries hugging it. She remembers her moment with Shiva. Shiva also cries holding Raavi’s duppata and recalls a moment with her. He kisses the dupatta and leaves it. Raavi walks out of the room leaving the cupboard open. Shiva thanks Raavi for the same. He sneaks out of the house.

Prafulla is heating the sabzi on the gas stove. The stove turns off. Prafulla realizes that the cylinder become empty, so she goes to the storeroom to get a new cylinder. Meanwhile Shiva gets into the storeroom through the window and hides himself. Prafulla comes to the storeroom. She gets call and is busy with that. Shiva goes inside the house using this opportunity.

Raavi remembers the drunkard words and the pull of duppata she felt. She opens the cupboard. She says that Shiva isn’t here yet she can feel his presence here. She says that he was there and she can sense it.

Other side Prafulla sits to have dinner. She realizes that she didn’t bring water and goes to get it. In the meantime Shiva eats Prafulla’s food. He hides on hearing footsteps. Prafulla is shocked on finding the food is missing and wonders if any thief who steals food is roaming in the locality.

The next day morning Shiva comes disguised as a bangle seller. He calls out Dhara to buy bangles. Dhara is shocked when he says that her husband likes red bangles. She asks how he knows it. Shiva manages saying that all husbands like red color bangles. He calls out Rishita to buy bangles. Shiva drops few bangles and touches Dhara’s feet to take her blessings on the pretext of picking up the bangles.

Dhara says Shiva. Rishita comes to them and says that she also wants to get bangles. She says that they should get for Raavi as well. Shiva says to call her too. He asks her bangle size. Raavi comes out. Rishita says to Raavi that bangle seller has come, let get bangles for them.

Raavi says that she isn’t interested. Shiva says that she will get interested on seeing the bangles. Rishita forcibly brings Raavi there. Shiva shows Raavi the bangles. She shows him her hand to try the bangles. Shiva thinks that he came taking a risk to see Raavi. Shiva makes Raavi wear the bangles. Dhara says Shiva. Shiva says that he is bangles seller Shankar.

Police arrives at Pandya house and asks for Gautam. On seeing police Shiva hides himself. Dhara says that she’s Gautam’s wife and asks what they want. They say that people are lying for compensation money. They got information that Shiva is alive and a drunkard spotted him. Dhara gets suspicious remembering about the bangles seller. Shiva hears this and leaves from there.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara goes behind the bangles seller. She shouts to stop. Shiva looks at Dhara and runs. Dhara chases him and tries to catch him.

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