Pandya Store 24th November 2022 Written Update: Pandyas unite to expose Shweta’s truth

Pandya Store 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara asking Gautam to meet her to talk about something important. She says that whatever is happening in their house is someone’s plotting and she knows who is behind it. She asks him not to tell anyone in the family. Gautam agrees to meet her after everyone sleeps.

Gautam says to his brothers that they shouldn’t care about Shiva when he didn’t care about Raavi despite knowing she’s not well. He asks them to have pizza and he also eats a part. He gets emotional that their family is falling apart. He urges everyone to have pizza. Rishita, Krish and Dev take a part of pizza. Gautam says crying that they’re partying their family falling apart and Dhara and Raavi’s humiliation.

Krish and Dev are sitting outside the house as they are unable to sleep. Krish worries about Shiva who hasn’t returned home yet. He wonders if Shiva has gone to meet Raavi. Dev scolds Krish for worrying about Shiva instead about Raavi. Krish says that he cares about both them. He says that unlike them he can’t be angry at Shiva as he is younger than him. He adds that Shiva looks strict from outside, but he is soft from inside. He says that they can show anger only at the loved ones.

Gautam is sad recalling the recent incidents. Dhara is waiting for Gautam. Dev and Krish decide to bring Dhara and Raavi home and convince Suman later. Just then, they notice Gautam going out of the house. They follow him to know where he is going. Gautam meets Dhara. They hug feeling emotional. Dev and Krish see this hiding, Gautam wonders how he will survive away from Dhara. Dhara assures him that these days will also pass. Dhara asks about everyone the family. She asks if they had food as Rishita is on strike. Gautam asks if Dhara had food. Dhara urges Gautam to answer her first. Gautam says that they had pizza party for their family falling apart.

Dhara says that sometimes it’s a test for the relationship. Gautam expresses his sorrow about their family falling apart. Dev and Krish bad to hear them. Dhara says to Gautam that she did a mistake and she will fix it. Gautam says that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Dhara says that she did a big mistake by allowing Shweta to stay in the house. Dhara adds that Shweta is to blame for their family falling apart. Gautam is shocked to hear this. Dev and Krish are also stunned to hear this.

Meanwhile, Shweta’s dad meets Shweta outside the house. He regrets getting Shweta married to the Pandyas who are greedy. He says that he has called the lawyer and decided to make Shweta Chiku’s custodian. Here, Dhara says that she doesn’t why Shweta did this, but she’s certain that she is responsible.

Gautam asks how she’s sure. He says that maybe Dhara has a misunderstanding. Dhara says that she’s certain. She says that she doesn’t understand why created problem the marriage life of Raavi who always supported Shweta. Gautam asks Dhara how she knows this. Dhara tells Gautam about finding doctor Nitin being Shweta’s old friend. She says that Shweta did everything in front of them and they fail to see. She regrets for not listening to Rishita’s warning and for giving Rishita a second chance.

There, Shweta’s dad says to Shweta that Dhara is doing all drama to loot Chiku’s money. Shweta acts and says that she never thought that Dhara could do like this. Here, Krish and Dev come in front of Dhara and Gautam. They are stunned to see them. Krish says that Shweta has to leave their house, if she is responsible.

Dhara asks Krish and Dev not to do anything. She says that Shweta shouldn’t know that thdy know her truth. Dhara apologizes to Krish nad hugs him crying. There, Shweta says to her dad that mom won’t agree to give Chiku’s custodian to her. Her adda assures that she will as she’s also disturbed whatever happened. Shweta happily hugs her dad. She smiles that her plan worked and decided to go away the Pandya family after getting Chiku’s custodian.

Here, Dhara apologizes to get Krish married Shweta and forcing him to stay with her despite knowing her truth. Krish says that he wanted to marry Shweta so it’s not Dhara’s mistake. He asks Dhara what to do now. Dhara says that thet have to make Shweta confess the truth as Suman and Shiva won’t believe her. She tells them her plan. They agree to the plan and place their hands over Dhara’s hand. There, an injured Shiva returns home. He collides with Shweta’s dad who is about to leave. Shweta grows anxious seeing Shiva and wonders if he had heard her and her dad’s talk.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara and Rishita are in the hospital to catch Nitin. The latter escapes seeing them. Dhara gives Nitin’s address to Gautam and Dev and asks them to catch him. Gautam and Dev chase down Nitin.

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