Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Written Update: Dhara finally sees Shiva

Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with police telling the Pandyas that they got a call that a drunkard saw Shiva. Raavi says that she tried to find and didn’t see. She asks where he is. Police warns that Pandyas will get jailed if they have lied for compensation. They leave. Suman shouts. Family calms her down. Raavi says that Shiva is alive, she can feel his presence. Shiva hears this and says that he should controls his emotions so that his family doesn’t get in trouble.

Rishita says that it can be Raavi’s hallucination. Raavi says that she felt Shiva’s presence in her room the previous day. Dhara thinks that she also felt Shiva’s presence in that room. She remembers the bangle seller saying that Gautam likes red color bangles. Dhara goes to find him. On seeing Dhara Shiva runs. Dhara runs after him. She shouts to stop and asks why he is running.

Dhara catches Shiva and sees his reflection on the stagnated rain water. Shiva manges to escape from Dhara. The latter cries remembering the drunkard and police saying that Shiva is alive. She says that if the bangle seller wasn’t Shiva, why he would run away. She decides to find the truth.

Prafulla brings a priest home to oust Shiva’s ghost. Shiva returns home and goes to get water. Prafulla sees Shiva’s refection on the mirror. She gets scared and runs out of the house. Prafulla bumps into Dhara and says that she saw Shiva’s ghost in her house. She runs from there. Dhara realises that Shiva is hiding in Prafulla’s house. Prafulla comes to Pandya house. She says that she saw Shiva’s ghost in her house shocking all. Raavi recalls the recent happenings and gets suspicious.

Meanwhile Dhara comes to Prafulla’s house and calls out Shiva. The latter decides to leave Somnaath. He escapes through the window. Dhara sees the window open and understands that someone escaped through it. She finds the clothes that the bangle seller wore there and understands that Shiva came in disguise of the bangle seller. She shouts Shiva.

There Suman scolds Prafulla for calling her son ghost and refuses to believe her. Prafulla asks Suman to perform a puja to calm Shiva’s room and refuses to leave the house until she agrees. Raavi asks Prafulla where she saw Shiva. Prafulla says that she saw Shiva on the mirror of her house.

Dhara is finding Shiva. Dhara is about to get hit by a tempo. Shiva rushes to Dhara and saves her in time. Dhara is shocked to see Shiva. Rishita and Raavi are in Prafulla’s house and look for Shiva. Raavi goes to the storeroom. Shiva’s clothes bag is kept there. But Raavi fails to notice it.

Prafulla says that Shiva’s ghost won’t be in the storeroom. Ravi wonders why Shiva isn’t coming in front of her and he is scaring Prafulla. She wonders where he is. She leaves the storeroom. Other side Dhara gets emotional on seeing Shiva. She breaks down in tears and hugs him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara says that she will phone Gautam and inform. Shiva stops Dhara and says that she won’t tell this to anyone. Dhara asks why. Pandyas receive some papers in courier. Dev is shocked on seeing the papers. Gautam asks what happened. Dev says that Shiva sold their land for thirty thousand shocking all.

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