Pandya Store 25th November 2021 Written Update: Shiva and Raavi get married again

Pandya Store 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gautam waking up startled having an nightmare in which Dhara asks Gautam to stop them from snatching their baby. Gautam recalls his talk over phone with Dhara’s gynecologist. FB shows. Doctor Reena says that Dhara’s gynecologist handed Dhara’s case to her. She asks Dhara to bring to the hospital for check up as Dhara completed three months. Reena says that they have to take tough decision if the foetus hasn’t got any development as it could be harmful for Dhara. FB ends. Gautam worries for Dhara and prays to God for her.

Raavi is on the way to Pandya store. She is smiling looking at her ring and recalling Shiva putting it in her finger. Raavi comes across her friend, Sneha. Raavi finds Sneha sad and asks what happened. Sneha says that she’s going to get divorce from her husband. Sneha says that her love story is similar to Raavi’s love story with Dev. Her husband  loved someone and married her coming under pressure Dev hadn’t married Raavi coming under pressure, but it’s good Dev hadn’t done the same. Sneha says that a girl shouldn’t think a boy loves her just because he’s friendly with her, she should wait until the guy himself confesses his feelings to her. Sneha leaves. Raavi says that Shiva was agreed to marry Disha coming under pressure. She thinks that maybe he put the ringer in her finger under pressure. Raavi decides to wait till Shiva confesses his feelings to her.

Rishita goes to her boss to talk some work. Rishita asks her boss why Kamini has come here.The boss says that he has just come across her and greeted her as they need politicians connection in their business. Rishita gets relieved  andthinks that Kamini may not let her work here if she comes to know. Krish apologizes to Keerti for being shirtless when she has come home. Keerti asks Krish to come for camping. She adds that Kish is poor,but he can manage to get five thousand. She says that all her friends are coming. Krish asks if she considers him as her friend. Keerti says that not yet, they can become friend. Krish looks on.

Shiva is waiting for Raavi in the shop. Raavi arrives there and asks him indirectly to confess his feelings to her. As Shiva doesn’t say anything, she decides to not confess her feelings to him. She says that she has come to get cumin. Krish says that he can’t come for the camping as he has to study and also do household works as Dhara is pregnant. Keerti’s friend arrive there. They talk about their two friends who broke up coming for camping. Keerti leaves with her friend. Krish looks on upset. Shiva gives the cumin to Raavi. She asks her to reach home safely.

Dhara asks Gautam to select a saree for the party in the evening. Gautam says that any saree will suit her. Dhara talks to her baby and says that Gautam is worried and asks the baby to bring a smile on his face too giving him love. Gautam says that he’s not sad. Gautam places his face on Dhara’s stomach hugging her and says that he needs Dhara’s lot of love.

Raavi is getting ready. Dhara arrives there to give her flower garland to put on her hair. Dhara asks Raavi where her mangalsutra is. Raavi says that Suman took it from her in anger. They ask Rishita to get the mangalsutra from Suman’s room. Rishita sneaks into Suman’s room while the latter is in the call with Kanta. Rishita gives the mangalsutra to Raavi. Dev arrives there and asks why she sneaked into Suman’s room. Rush says to steal for Raavi. The latter thanks Rishita and is about to wear the mangalsutra. Dhara stops Raavi and says that the mangalsutra should be wore as it should be wore as she’s having a new start. Dhara leaves. Raavi wonders what is the right way to put the mangalsutra. Dhara brings Shiva to Raavi and asks him to put the mangalsutra around Raavi’s neck. Shiva gives some excuses to leave. Rishita reprimands him. Gautam and Krish also arrive there. They learn what’s happening there. They all pour flowers over Shiva and Raavi when Shiva puts the mangalsutra around Raavi’s neck. Aaj se teri plays in the BG.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara faints and family rushes her to hospital. Doctor reveals to the family about abnormal growth of Dhara’s foetus and says it’s harmful for Dhara shocking the family.

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