Pandya Store 27th April 2021 Written Update: Shiva questions Raavi for siding with Rishita against Dhara

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184635

Pandya Store 27th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the family sitting to have lunch. Rishita wants to eat something from outside and tells the same to Dev. Shiva jokes and says she may get stomach upset. Raavi sides Rishita and says there’s nothing wrong to eat outside food when to boost the mood. She says that she also wants to eat outside food. Gautam asks Dev to bring Rishita’s favorite food from the nearby restaurant. Rishita says that she wants Chinese food. Raavi says that she will also have Chinese. Raavi sits with Rishita. Shiva looks on.

Dev brings Chinese food and gives to Rishita. Dhara and Rishita forward the food plate to Dev. Dev says that he will have the food made by Dhara. Rishita asks Dev to have one bite and feeds him. Rishita asks Raavi to have food. Raavi chokes with the food.

Dhara asks Raavi to drink water. Shiva helps her by hitting on Raavi’s back. Raavi goes to Shiva and complains that Shiva is always hitting her. Shiva asks her to thanks him and says it doesn’t matter. Dhara gives her the food made by her.

Rishita suddenly starts having stomachache and shouts Dev. Family gets concerned for Rishita. Dev says that he asked her not to have outside food. Rishita shouts it’s not due to outside food. Rishita throws out. Dhara gives her water and cares Rishita. Dev worries from where he will get medecine for Rishita. Dhara says that she will prepare the medecine.

Dhara starts preparing kaada with Gautam and Krish’s help. Shiva drags Raavi apart. He accuses Raavi of siding with Rishita against Dhara. He asks if she’s not ashamed of her act. Raavi asks if he’s ashamed the way he’s behaving with her. Shiva says that he is bad as she says, but why she’s hurting Dhara to make him feel jealous, why she’s changing.

Raavi says that Dhara has changed. Shiva asks not to punish Dhara for Dev’s mistake. He says that Raavi used to be a good girl then why she’s doing wrong with Dhara.

Dhara feeds Rishita the kaada. Shiva asks to see Dhara caring Rishita even after getting insulted by them. Raavi looks on. Shiva says that Dhara doesn’t hold any grudges against Rishita, who keeps taunting her. Shiva holds Raavi and says that she wanted become like Dhara, then why she changed suddenly. They all get into the bus.

Rishita sits with Dhara. They reach the Haveli. Rishita gets excited on seeing the Haveli. She says the place is very beautiful and they can have lots of fun here. They all take the luggages inside.

Gautam and Dhara remembers the beginning of their relationship that started here and share a hug. Shiva asks Rishita about her health and says that she should respect the food prepared by Dhara. Dev advises Shiva that he should respect every relation. He is not siding anyone, he’s just making him understand things.

Shiva says that he needs to understand not him. Dev and Shiva argue and hold each other collars. Rishita and Raavi look shocked. Krish calls out Gautam. On seeing Gautam and Dhara, Dev and Shiva hug. Gautam says there’s lot of love between the brothers. Gautam asks them to take their luggages to their room. Rishita asks Dev to take a nice room for them.

Rishita and Dev enter a room. Rishita says that it looks like Royal suit. Dev asks Rishita to ask Dhara whose room it’s. Rishita says no need, they have come here first, so this is their room. She further says that she got unwell because of Shiva and badmouths Shiva. Dev requests Rishita not to say anything against Shiva. He will handle him. Rishita asks to tell Shiva not to mess with her, she knows to take her own stand.

Dhara tells Raavi that Rishita has chosen a room and asks her to choose her room too and walks away. Shiva taunts Raavi. Raavi asks Dhara to tell which room to choose.

The episode ends.

Precap : The couples share a moment together.

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