Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Update: Dev and Rishita get angry with the Seths

Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara giving Krish the breakfast plate of Gautam and Shiva. She says that she made Rishita’s favorite food and she will take it to her room. Kalyaani says to Janardan that she told them to have party’s leftovers food to the breakfast. Janardan says to Kalyaani to prevent them from eating leftovers and give fresh food. Kamini stops Dhara and asks whose breakfast she’s taking.

Dhara says that Rishita’s. Kamini then asks if they had food. Dhara says that their food, which is the last night leftovers, that Kalyaani told them to have for the breakfast, is in the kitchen. Kamini says that they will distribute the leftovers among the poor and says to Dhara to cook fresh food for themselves. Dhara says that she will do it after giving Rishita her breakfast.

Dhara comes to Rishita and asks why she looks sad. Rishita says that she feels bad seeing her getting breakfast for her. Dhara says that Rishita used to eat it fast when she did the same in Pandya house. Rishita says that that house was hers and this is her parents house. Dhara says to leave all this and have the food she prepared and say how it’s. Dhara feeds Rishita. Kalyaani says to Kamini that they have to go and check in the kitchen before Dev and Rishita go there. She says that if anything goes wrong, Janardan will scold her. They leave.

Krish comes to Rishita’s room and says that the food is very tasty and it would have been more tastier if it was eaten hot last night. He asks Rishita from where Janardan have order it. Rishita asks what Krish is eating. Dhara says that he is eating leftovers food that was asked to eat by the servants. Rishita asks if her parents told them this. Dhara says no. She says that leftovers were given to the poors and the servants are poor too. Rishita says that this is wrong and goes to ask her mother.

Meanwhile Dev sees Shiva and Gautam having food. On seeing Dev Shiva and Gautam start their acting. Shiva says that the leftovers food is very tasty. Dev eats a bite from their plate. He angrily leaves to talk to Rishita. Kalyaani and Kamini comes to the kitchen. They ask Raavi what she’s doing. Raavi says that she is serving last night leftovers which are tasty and in eatable condition. She asks if she can serve for them too. Kamini says that leftovers are eaten by servants, not boss.

Rishita hears this and asks if the servants aren’t humans. Rishita argues with Kamini and Kalyaani for giving Pandyas leftovers. Shiva and Gautam come there. Shiva thanks Rishita and says that even though it’s leftovers, he’s stomach is full. Rishita asks many more times they will insult her in front of her family. Kamini says that she didn’t tell them to have leftovers. Gautam says that Kamini said that the servants should finish the leftovers, maybe she forgot that they’re the servants.

Dev comes there angrily and argues with Rishita for feeding them leftovers. Rishita apologizes to Dev. Dev asks Kalyaani why Shiva and Gautam ate leftovers. Dhara says that they all had it which shocks Dev. Rishita says that her family insulted her in front of her in laws. Dev says that he should be ashamed to stay here. Dhara gets happy that their drama has some effect on Dev and Rishita. Dev wants to order fresh food for the Pandyas.

Dhara promises Dev that they won’t leftovers hereafter and says to Dev to take Rishita to her room. Dev and Rishita leaves. Kamini asks Dhara what they want to do by doing all this. They helped them, but they’re being ungrateful. Dhara says that they aren’t fool, they understood that last night party is to insult them. Kamini says that their intention is to take Dev and Rishita back to Pandya house.

Raavi says that they won’t take them forcibly.
but they will come back by themselves. Other side Janardan warns Gautam to not put any act if front of Dev and Rishita again. Gautam and Shiva say that they’re sure that Janardan ignited fire in their store. Here Dhara says that they can’t insult them by asking them to do household works. Raavi says that they do it daily in their house and advises them to do it as well to be fit.

Dhara says to Raavi that narrow minded people won’t understand this and says that she will expose them to Dev and Rishita. Dhara requests Kamini to not fire them. Here Gautam says to Janardan it’s time for him to become mad in front of Dev and Rishita. Janardan says that he will fire them immediately. Shiva says that they haven’t come here by Janardan’s wish. Raavi asks Dhara if she shouldn’t have reveal their plan to them, if they will remove them from job. Dhara asks if she started to love her job.

Raavi says that she feels bad for Rishita. Dhara says that she’s already guilty and says to not increase it. She just wants to take Dev and Rishita back home. She says that Suman will be fine if Dev and Rishita return and adds that she can’t wait to tell Suman that they got successful in their mission’s first step. Gautam says to Janardan that he can’t fire them. He wanted to break their family, they will stay here only. Shiva says that they will take Dev and Rishita bcak to their house in front of Janardan.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kamini burns her hand intentionally on placing it in the hot iron box and blames Dhara.

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