Pandya Store 28th January 2024 Written Update: Dhawal recovers and gets discharged from hospital

Pandya Store 28th January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha informing Pandyas that she will stay by Dhawal’s side. Isha panics hearing about Dhawal’s condition and says she will go to hospital too. Chiku intentionally fakes of getting hurt on foot to stop Isha from going to hospital. Isha falls for Chiku’s trick and stays back to help him walk instead of going to hospital. Amresh asks about Dhawal’s condition and whether Natasha has come. Doctor informs Makwanas that they would have lost Dhawal if Natasha did not come but now he is out of danger. This makes everyone relieved.


Doctor instructs them to take Dhawal home after two days and make sure he doesn’t have any stress. He even advises to keep Natasha by Dhawal’s side as her presence has positive effect on his health. Amba thanks God for sending Natasha on correct time. Pranali says that Natasha is Dhawal’s life too. Amresh tells Amba that Natasha will stay by Dhawal’s side just for sake of humanity and they will make sure even if she stays by Dhawal’s side, he should not accept her back in his life instead think of leaving her. Amba gets happy hearing Amresh’s plan.

Amresh gives contract papers to Natasha and tells her to sign it after reading. He says it states that she needs to pay the due amount of 45 lakhs to Amresh and stay at Makwana house as per his demand unless the money is paid off. Natasha thinks in her mind that even if Amresh did not buy the company she would have still come for Dhawal but he always makes deals in every situation. Natasha ends up signing the contract papers. Dhawal wakes up and finds Natasha lying on his chest, he calls her to confirm if she is there.

Dhawal questions Natasha if she has forgiven him and will not leave his side anymore. Natasha says that how can she leave when he has fallen sick like this. Doctor informs that all reports of Dhawal are normal and he can be discharged. Dolly excitedly tells they should host a party. Amresh permits them. Dhawal questions Natasha if she is coming home with them too. Amresh answers stating she is definitely coming. Natasha also agrees to come after getting her clothes. Sandeep meets the lawyer who informs him about selling the company to Amresh. Sandeep vows to ruin Natasha’s life.

Chiku tries to stop Natasha for going back to Makwana house. The latter says she doesn’t have any other option and for Pandya Store they have got extended time of 6 months. Pandyas keep convincing Natasha not to go but she leaves. Sandeep also sees Natasha leaves and wonders where she is going. Dhawal imagines Natasha in bridal wear near him and gets up from wheelchair holding her hands. Later Natasha actually comes there and Dhawal gets happy seeing her. Sandeep finds out about party at Makwana house for return of Dhawal and Natasha. The episode ends with Sandeep saying after this Natasha’s life will end.

Precap : Aditya Narayan perform in the party hosted by Makwanas. Sandeep will bring Natasha alone to a room where she will try to scream for help but none hears her. Sandeep will have petrol can in his hand and threatens Natasha to end her life.

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