Pandya Store 28th March 2024 Written Update: Amba emotionally blackmails Isha

Pandya Store 28th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha telling Isha to tell her if she knows where the papers are kept. She says out loudly to make Amba hear it too. Amba requests Isha to tell where the property papers are. Dhawal enters Pandya Store and starts checking for the papers. Isha says Natasha can cheat her brother but she cannot cheat her husband. Natasha reminds Isha that her family is struggling to get proper food for two times a day. She asks her to understand that she is standing against her brother because he is at fault.

Chiku says Suman where Natasha Has been for so long. The latter tells him to keep calm aa she might be scared because of the incident and says Isha is inside too and will bring Natasha. Amba falls in Isha’s feet begging her to help her brothers forgetting the past . She cries and says that they are already suffering a lot and requests her to tell where the papers are and questions her why she is punishing her too. Amba emotionally blackmails Isha and also tells about Bhavin trying to commit suicide which leaves Isha shocked.

Amba says that she is afraid other members of Makwana family might do the same and now of this happens, blame will be on Isha. She asks Isha if she can handle such guilt throughout her life. Dhawal is still busy finding the papers in Pandya Store. Priest tells Chiku to call bride and not delay anymore. Amba cries and tells Isha that her sons will work hard and says her to stay happily with her husband. Isha finally agrees to her pleas and tells Amba that she will bring the papers. Natasha in mind apologises to Chiku.

Isha tells Amba that she will bring the papers but her name should not come out as she is doing this against her love. Amba promises not to tell anyone. Isha goes to get the papers while Amba is waiting by Natasha’s side. Chiku comes there and confronts Amba of what she is doing there. Natasha makes excuse that she was looking for washroom. Chiku says her not to try to enter inside the house as all the arrangement for guests are done outside. Chiku tells Natasha to go to mandap.

Priest starts chanting the mantras and again asks for the gathbandhan to be done. They are asked to stand up for the rounds. Shashank asks Natasha to think something or else they will end up getting married for real. Dhawal gets hurts with all the cement sacks falling over him while looking for the papers. Natasha and Dhawal begin the rounds while Isha enters Pandya Store to get the papers. Natasha recalls her confession to Dhawal. She keeps praying to God to help her as she loves Dhawal and cannot marry Shashank. Chiku asks Natasha why she has stopped. The episode ends with Dhawal in Pandya Store while Natasha is standing still in mandap.


Natasha will announce her marriage with Dhawal. She will bring procession to Pandya house and get married with Dhawal.

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