Pandya Store 29th April 2021 Written Update: Gautam expresses his love for Dhara

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184635

Pandya Store 29th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Raavi pouring the water on bed to take her revenge from Shiva. He gets frustrated with her behaviour and taunts her for being silly. She gets irked and pours more water on the bed. He shakes his head in disbelief and goes to take blanket from the cupboard. They both gives glares to one another and sleeps on the floor.

Here, Dev surprises Rishita while she gets elated. They both looks at each other being romantic “Teri Rooh Se Jud Jau Mai plays.” They both gets close and spends romantic moments together.

In the morning, Shiva gets irked seeing Raavi’s face. She also mutters bad about him. Rishta gets shocked seeing them sitting together. At that time Dhara comes there and adores their pair. She states that they both looks beautiful together, while Shiva shakes his head. She suggest them to be nice with each other but they ignores her. Krish comes there and teases Shiva, whereas he runs to beat him. Krish hides behind Dhara. Gautam and Dev joins them. Everyone laughs seeing their antics including Raavi.

Dhara stops them and reminds them about the Kul Devta Puja. She requests Shiva to take a bath and get ready. He mocks Raavi, while Dhara twists his ear making him agree fkr taking a bath. Krish again teases him, whereas Shiva runs behind to beat him.

Rishita notify Dev about the market and ask him to take her there after the Puja. He tries to change the topic and ask her to get ready. She goes inside her room and tries different western dresses. She ask Dev that what she should wear. He ask her to wear something indian and shows a saree to her. She says that she will feel warm in it, but he convinces her to wear it stating that it will compliment her.

Here, Dhara prepares for the Puja, while Gautam ask her to take a break. She laughs seeing his antics. He makes her sit and kneels in front of her. He expresses his love for him and gets emotional. He says that he wants to be with her for all his births and apologises for putting so many responsibilities on her. She sits beside him and says that she loves to fulfill all the responsibilities. She assures him, while they both gets romantic with one another. “Ishq Yeh Haaye Re plays” they shares some close moments, whereas Dhara gets up reminding him about the Puja. She shows and goes away.

Raavi gets ready while Dhara compliments her. Raavi smiles looking at her reflection. Dhara ask her to put vermilion on her hairline. At that time Shiva comes there. Dhara ask him to get ready and goes away. Raavi ask Shiva to go as she hesitates to out vermilion in front of him. She tries ways to send him but he denies to go and mocks her. She tells him about the vermilion, while he grabs the box and puts the vermilion on her hairline “Mantras plays on the background.” He starts getting ready, whereas she stares him with teary eyes.

Everyone gathers for the Puja. Shiva and Raavi glares at each other. Priest ask both the couple’s to hold their hands. Dev and Rishita happily holds eachother’s hand but Shiva and Raavi ignores it. Priest ask them to do it, whereas Shiva holds her finger unwillingly. Priest ask Shiva to say some vows. He ask Shiva to repeat after him that he will always protect his wife. Shiva was about to say it when Raavi jerks his hand and stops him. She faces him fiercely and states that he can never fulfill this vow as he is the one who have left her when she was in need. She mocks him making him angry. Everyone looks at them being dumbstruck. Shiva leaves from there being angry.

Precap:- Shiva and Krish talks about a black shadow, while Rishita stops on her place hearing them. Later on she feels scared and closes the window. She screams being frightened.

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