Pandya Store 29th November 2022 Written Update: Dhara gets stabbed

Pandya Store 29th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the thief breaking into Pandya’s house. On the other hand, Pandya is having a discussion. Rishita asks Dhara to go inside the house while they stay outside. They will make a dog’s sound when Shweta returns. Rishita asks Dhara to lay down after removing the effigy in the darkness. Dhara worries if she will be able to lift the effigy alone. Krish assures Dhara that she will help her. Dhara says that they should expose Shweta and reunite Shiva and Dev. 

Meanwhile, at Shweta’s parents’ house, Shweta’s mother melts by Shweta’s crocodile tears. She goes to get food for Shweta. Shweta’s dad says to Shweta to leave without having the food so that her mom holds Pandyas responsible for her suffering and makes her Chiku’s custodian. He packs food in a tiffin box and gives it to Shweta. Shweta is happy that her dad made her plan easy. She leaves. 

At Pandya’s house, Dhara goes inside the house and hides. She hears a noise and goes to check. She is shocked to see the thief. She sees that in his bag, he has the platters of their house’s temple. Dhara tries to snatch the bag from him. The thief pushes Dhara and runs. Dhara chases him.

Outside of the house, Rishitq realizes that she forgot to give Dhara the bottle of fake blood. Rishita wants to go inside. But Dev stops her. Inside the house, Dhara fights with the thief. The thief pushes Dhara again. Dhara’s head hits the wall. However, Dhara tries to snatch the bag from the thief. The latter takes out a knife and asks Dhara to say where the house jewellery is kept. Dhara says that she’s not the house’s owner. She has been removed from the house. The thief stabs Dhara. Dhara screams in pain. She faints.

Outside, Rishita Dev and Krish hear Dhara’s scream and wonder why Dhara screamed. Gautam joins them. Gautam also wonders why Dhara screamed. Rishita says that she might have got scared by seeing a mouse in the darkness. The thief’s accomplice sees the Pandyas who are standing outside. He thinks of distracting them, so that they don’t go inside the house. He rides a bicycle and hits the Pandyas. He intentionally picks up a fight with them to create diversion. Pandya bothers start to beat him. Rishita notices that Shweta returns home. She notifies the Pandya brothers about this and asks them to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Shweta goes inside the house. She’s shocked to see someone lying on the floor with a knife planted in her body. She approaches Dhara and takes out the knife from her body. Outside, the thief’s accomplice comes out of Pandya’s house and the thieves run away. The Pandyas see this and wonder who they’re. Rishita asks them to leave it and focus on their plan. She says that Shweta has gone inside the house and maybe Dhara is caught. Gautam says that the lights are still off, so the plan is on. Just then, the lights are turned on and Pandyas are shocked. Inside, Shweta is astonished to find Dhara lying in a pool of blood. She wonders how Dhara has come here and who killed her. 

Pandyas are worried about whether their plan flopped. Rishita goes inside to check. Rishita sees Dhara’s condition and thinks that Dhara is faking her murder. She thinks that Dhara managed to do all the set up alone. Rishita accuses Shweta of killing Dhara. Rishita becomes suspicious when Dhara isn’t moving at all and wonders whether Shweta really killed Dhara. The Pandya brothers are outside the house, wondering what is happening inside. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Shweta phones her mom and says that Dhara got murdered and the Pandyas are blaming her. She asks her mom to save her. Gautam is disguised as a police officer. Rishita says to Gautam that Shweta’s parents’ arrival isn’t a part of their plan and if they arrive, their plan of making Shweta confess the truth will fail. Suman and Shiva return home. They meet Shweta’s parents outside the house. They are shocked when they tell that Dhara was murdered and the police have come. 

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