Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Update: Dhawal and Natasha spend romantic time together

Pandya Store 29th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhawal questioning Natasha if they can move ahead in relationship like married couple. Natasha misunderstands him and says him that he is moving too fast and gets up feeling embarrassed. Dhawal realises that Natasha thought of physical relationship so he clarifies he meant trust and respect. Dhawal tells Natasha to stop but she steps on balloon and falls into pool. Natasha struggles inside water and says Dhawal that she doesn’t know how to swim. Dhawal says he knows that she is pulling prank on him and waits to pull him inside water but later he realises she is actually having difficulty in pool water.


Chiku walks on road thinking of Natasha giving permission to demolish Pandya Store. He wonders why Natasha took such big decision without talking to anyone and keeps calling Natasha. Chirag takes out tiffin and says he got food made from best caterers. Dolly gets annoyed saying he has spoiled their date. He says he even has a gift for her. Chiku rings the bell at Makwana mansion and Isha opens the door. She inquires about Suman’s health and questions why Chiku came there so late night.

Chiku tells Isha that he has to talk to Natasha urgently and is unable to contact her. Isha tells that she has gone outside with Dhawal. Amresh looks on as they are talking. Dhawal jumps into pool and saves Natasha so he doesn’t receive Isha’s call. Dolly gets more annoyed seeing Chirag gifting phone stand. Chirag says that he got imported one from Sesh Pandya but Dolly requests him not to plan anything from next time. Isha talks to Chirag who tells about Natasha and Dhawal being at farm house. She tells the same to Chiku.

Natasha and Dhawal come out from pool and she slips into his arms again. Badmaash Dil plays as they stare into each other’s eyes. Isha tries to stop Chiku from spoiling Dhawal and Natasha’s date but he says that it’s more important to talk to Natasha now. Amresh wonders what happened for Chiku to talk to Natasha. He talks to Bansi who confirms about saying that Pandya Store will be demolished to other business partners. Amresh thinks he has to keep Dhawal and Natasha away from Pandya Store and orders Rocky to kidnap them from farmhouse and take them safely to hotel.

Dhawal irons Natasha’s saree to dry it and asks her to come out of washroom. The latter hesitates but finally comes out wearing Dhawal’s shirt leaving him mesmerized. Rocky and his gang wait outside farmhouse to kidnap them. Chiku reaches farmhouse and Natasha notices him there from room. Dhawal gives her the saree. Chiku gets attacked by goons sent by Amresh and Natasha gets shocked to see the same from window. She tells Dhawal to come outside as someone is being hit outside. Chiku manages to defeat the goons but one of them makes him unconscious. Seeing Dhawal and Natasha, they realise they have caught the wrong person and throws him out of van. The episode ends with Natasha getting shocked seeing Chiku lying unconscious.

Natasha will confront Dhawal for getting signatures on papers by tricking her. She will tell that he is not trustworthy at all and by breaking Pandya Store, he has broken her too.

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