Pandya Store 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Rishita gets labor pain

Pandya Store 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara promising Gautam to return the baby to his mother when they will found her. He plead with Gautam to give her baby. Gautam asks Dhara to remember the baby isn’t hers and he will put all his efforts to find his mother.

He says that Dhara has to return the baby to his mother without shedding a tear the day he will find her. Dhara agrees. Gautam hands her the baby to Dhara. Gautam says that he has to lie to Suman for Dhara’s sake. Dhara apologizes to the same. Gautam decides return the money ro Suman and tells her the truth when the baby’s mother will be found.

Rishita says to Suman to look after the baby as she has to attend for a workshop where they teach how to look after the baby. Suman gets worried and states that it’s not safe to go out when the baby’s delivery is approaching. She says that it can happen a week earlier than given date. However Suman agrees when Rishita requests.

Rishita leaves. Other hand Raavi is presenting the café on live to her online followers. Shiva is also with her. Shiva gets jealous when a man tries to correct her make up. After Raavi completes her work. Shiva instructs her to not come here alone and asks to bring someone with her as he can’t come everytime with her leaving his work.

Gautam is enquiring about the baby’s mother by showing her photo to a rickshaw driver. The rickshaw driver recognizes her and says that she traveled her in his auto and seemed a mental. She doesn’t know her exact destination, so he dropped her somewhere and asks Gautam to and find her there. Rishita comes there in auto. Gautam and Rishita fail to see each other. Rishita goes inside the hospital. She starts having labor pain. She phones.

Raavi and informs her that she came to the hospital and got labor. Rishita shouts doctor. Rishita is taken to the labor ward. Raavi and Raavi are on the way. Shiva phones Gautam and says that Rishita got labor pain. He tells him the hospital in which Rishita got admitted. Gautam gets worried as it’s the same hospital where the baby’s mother was admitted. Gautam gets scared that Suman finds his lie.

Rishita is screaming in pain and demands the doctor to call her husband. Gautam sees this through the glass window. He hides and sees his family enquiring about Rishita in the reception. Pandyas get shocked on learning that Rishita is in the emergency ward. Gautam phones Shiva and lies that he is on the way.

Pandyas come to Rishita. The latter slaps Dev for not being with her. She asks to take her to another hospital and twist Dev’s hand. Rishita is taken to the operation theater. Rishita asks Dev to come inside. Suman stops Dev. Raavi says that it’s common nowadays. Shiva asks Dev to go inside the operation theatre. Dev obliges. Dhara goes apart to call Gautam. Ravai starts her live and tells her followwrs to guess the baby’s gender.

Shiva scolds Raavi for being on her phone even in the hospital. Raav says that it’s fun to see followers guessing the baby’s gender. Gautam is in the hospital and tries to hide himself from his family and feels guilty about this. He sees the doctor who treated the baby’s mother comes that way and hide his face using a file.

Doctor says to Dev that they will decide whether it will be a normal delivery or a C section after seeing baby’s position and condition. Rishita panics and asks her to take her from there. Dev calms her down and asks to let doctor check her. Pandyas discuss about looking after Rishita’s baby. Dhara says that another baby is coming home. Suman says that the othe baby will stay for few days in their house.

Dhara asks Shiva to call Gautam. Dhara spots Gautam and calls him out. Family sees him. Gautam comes to them. Dhara sees Gautam tries to hide his face and asks Gautam about the same. Gautam says to Dhara that this is the same hospital where baby’s mother got admitted and ran away. He asks what if the doctor sees them and tells Suman the truth.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman learns about Raavi uploading videos of their family matter in SNS. Suman confronts Shiva and Raavi about the same shocking all.

The episode starts with Suman explaining the different reasons that cause a baby cry. Dev brings the cradle. Rishita puts the baby in the cradle. Rishita says that the baby will sleep in the cradle. Dhara says that it’s right to leave the baby to sleep alone in the cradle, so the baby will sleep with her on the bed. Rishita says that the baby needs to be self-sufficient and moreover the baby will sleep in the cradle in their room. Suman asks Dev and Rishita to take the baby to the baby to their room. They oblige.

During the dinner time Dhara asks Rishita to give her the baby and have food. She obliges. Raavi happily says that she will get salad. Suman asks why Raavi is elated, if she won lottery. Shiva denies it and says that he doesn’t know the reason. In his mind he apologizes to Gungun for lying.

Suman asks Gautam if he paid the hospital fee of the baby’s mother. Rishita asks why they should pay her hospital fee. Suman says that if they don’t pay, the will be blamed for her death. Suman again questions Gautam about it. She mocks him for looking at Dhara without answering her. Gautam thinks that Dhara will get heartbroken if she learns that baby’s mother ran away and he thinks of finding an orphanage for the baby.

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