Pandya Store 30th April 2021 Written Update: Rishita denies to prepare food for the whole family

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184635

Pandya Store 30th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Raavi accusing Shiva for leaving her when she was in need of help. She mocks him while he gets enraged and goes from there. Everyone looks at them being shocked. Dhara tries to call Shiva but he left. Gautam was about to follow Shiva but Dhara stops him. Dev also tries to go behind Shiva, but Rishita didn’t allowed him stating that it’s the matter in between Raavi and Shiva and ask him to let them sort it out.

Dhara says that they have came to take blessings from Kul Devta and it will be inauspicious if they go without fulfilling their purpose. Raavi hear her and goes to talk to Shiva. She stands behind him and tries to being him back. She states that his name doesn’t suit his personality, whereas he glares her. She somehow convinces him and takes him back.

Priest ask the couple’s to recite the vows with him. Dev and Rishi holds eachother’s hands and says that viws looking at each other’s eyes. Dhara and Gautam smiles seeing their love.

Here, Shiva makes fun of Raavi’s cooking, while she says that he got saved because she is cooking for everyone. Dhara scolds them and ask them to stop their banter.

Further, Rishita takes Dev aside and shows apprises him about all her plans. She states that where all they can visit, while Dev stops her reminding about her cooking ceremony. She makes faces, whereas he takes her along with him. Dhara spots Rishi and tells her about cooking food. She gets annoyed and states that she will cook only for herself and Dev. She goes away from there leaving Dhara dumbstruck.

Later, Raavi along with Dhara starts preparing for food. Shiva brings woods while Dhara ask him to arrange it. Raavi tries to put the woods on fire, Shiva sees her struggling and goes to help her. Dhara smiles seeing them. Raavi gets scared and turns away as the wood catches fire. Shiva mocks her, while she replies him back. Dharam sends Shiva away from there and continues cooking with Raavi. Ahead, Raavi ask about Rishitha, whereas Dhara hides about the matter inorder to avoid any chaos. She states that Rishita will join them later.

Elsewhere, Rishitha serves handmade pizza to Dev, while he says that they will eat it together with their family. She states that she have only prepapred pizza for both of them and ask him tk have it. He denies saying that he cannot eat without his family and gets disappointed with her. He tries to make her understand, but she gets angry stating that he only cares for his family.

Raavi serves food to everyone, while Krish praises her. Shiva says that she isn’t hungry but Dhara ask him to sit along with them. Raavi serves him unwillingly. Gautam ask about Dev and Rishita, whereas Dhara gets worried.

Rishita emotionally blackmails Dev and makes him eat the pizza. At that time Krish barged inside their room, making Dev moves away from Rishita. She gets annoyed and scolds Krish, while he gets upset and apologises to them. He moves out and sees Dhara. Gautam questions him about Dev, whereas he lies about him being ill. Rishita comes there and informs that Dev won’t come as he already had his meal. She ask them to continue their lunch without him. Everyone looks at Rishita, whereas Gautam leaves his plate. Dhara gets teary eyes, while Rishita gets confused seeing their behaviour. At that time Dev joins them and sits to have his food with his family. Rishita gets dumbstruck seeing him.

Precap:- Gautam makes everyone eat from his hand but Rishita denies to have it. She makes disgusting face stating that she can’t eat like this. Later, Shiva and Krish talks about a black shadow, while Rishita gets scared hearing their conversation.

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