Pandya Store 30th November 2021 Written Update: Dhara’s reaction to Gautam’s decision makes the family worried

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Pandya Store Spoiler: Will Dhara help Gautam to find a solution to save his shop?

Pandya Store 30th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita asking the doctor for another form. Doctor gives it to Rishita. The latter gives it to Gautam and asks to sign on it. Suman threatens to cut all her ties with Gautam if he signs on this form. Gautam apologizes to Suman saying that he has to do to save Dhara and signs it. He cries and says sorry Dhara for snatching the baby from her, he doesn’t have any other way.

Gautam is talking to an unconscious Dhara. He says that he won’t be able to face Dhara when she gain her consciousness and wonders how he will tell her the truth. Kamini asks Kalyani to call Rishita to know about Dhara’s health. Kalyani obeys. Rishita says to Kalyani that they can’t save the child and cries. kalyani asks Rishita to handle herself. Later Kalyani information Kamini about the same. Kamini asks Kalyani to not let Rishita forget the favor they have done on her. They will do more favors on Rishita and suppress her with it.

Dhara learns that her child was aborted. Dhara throws the things and shouts and cries saying that she wants her child back. Gautam tries to console her, but in vain. Dhara faints. Raavi wakes up startled shouting Gautam. Shiva and other family members rush to Raavi. Shiva asks Raavi what happened. Raavi hugs Shiva saying that she’s scared what will happen to Dhara when she will learn the truth and cries. Shiva consoles her.

Gautam hugs and cries an unconscious Dhara. The latter gains her consciousness and asks Gautam what happened to her. Gautam breaks the hug. Dhara asks if everything is fine. Gautam breaks down. Dhara asks why he’s crying, if everything is fine. Dhara screams feeling pain in her stomach. She looks at Gautam crying. She notices a file placed on the night table. She picks it up. Gautam sees this and cries silently. Dhara reads her medical file and gets shocked.

Gautam says that he can’t save their child and breaks down. Dhara is shocked. She doesn’t say anything and places the file on the side table. Gautam helps Dhara to sit. Dhara removes the tube connected to her hand and gets up. Gautam asks what she’s doing. Dhara says that she’s leaving home. Gautam asks her to stay back in the hospital for few days. Dhara taunts that he can’t keep her when he failed to keep her baby. Dhara walks out of the room. Rishita and Raavi hug Dhara crying. Rishita says that they try lot, but they couldn’t. Raavi says that everything will be fine, they’re all together.

Dhara breaks the hug. Dev, Shiva and Krish hug Dhara and cry. They say that everything will be fine. Shiva says that she’s their motther. Dhara breaks the hug and says that their real mother is waiting at home and they will be behind her. She says that she wants to go home and leaves. Family looks on. Raavi says that she’s scared about Dhara. Rishita says that Dhara is in shock. Gautam wonders what happened to Dhara, she should have break down instead she is acting as nothing happened. Gautam looks on at Dhara leaving.

At Pandya residence, Suman cries seeing the toys bought by Dev and Shiva. Suman says that they all were happy and everything changed in a second. She further says that Dhara would have got to know by now the matter and thinks that Dhara must be in shock. She wonders how to console Dhara and what to say. Suman picks up the toys. Dhara comes back home. Suman sees Dhara.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara asks Gautam if he’s not ashamed to come in front of her after killing her baby. She calls Gautam murderer of her childchild shocking Shiva and Dev.

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