Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Update: Natasha and Dhawal gets kidnapped

Pandya Store 30th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhawal and Natasha fighting with goons sent by Amresh. He sees the picture sent by Amresh and informs others to throw Chiku out as they caught wrong person. Natasha gets shocked to see Dhawal getting hit but goons hold her too. Unconscious Dhaawal and Natasha are being taken in van and Chiku is left there lying in farmhouse. Goons make Natasha unconscious too and leave both of them at hotel room. Rocky informs Amresh that his work is done but there was another person there.


Dhawal starts gaining his senses back so goons toxicate him again. Suman gets shocked to see Pandya Store getting demolished. Sesh and Mithu reach there too and the constructors tell about having orders to demolish Pandya Store. Chiku gains his sense and rushes to Pandya Store. They show the legal papers of Pandya Store signed by Natasha, owner of the store. Sesh and Mithu check papers and says Suman tells there must be some mistake. Chiku comes there and says this is happening with Natasha’s permission as she has signed the papers. Natasha gains her sense back and calls Dhawal to get up.

Chiku tells Suman that Natasha doesn’t worry about Pandya Store and he will start afresh. Suman along with Pandya brothers stay infront of Pandya Store and ask them to run tractor on her first before demolishing Pandya Store. Natasha takes water and applies on Dhawal’s injuries. Tractor starts moving towards Pandya Store so Chiku takes Suman aside. She cries badly seeing the store breaking into pieces. Suman recalls opening of the store with her sons. Pillar falls right infront of her and she keeps thinking of old memories with every brick falling apart. Chiku, Sesh and Mithu feel emotional too.

Suman cries and says all her children worked together to build and take care of Pandya Store. Mithu blames Natasha for everything and gets angry at her. All the bricks fall down and Pandya Store gets completely broken. Natasha and Dhawal sees the goon coming towards their room from the window. Dhawal recognises the person and says he is doing here. Natasha questions if he knows who the person is. Suman says that Natasha cannot take such a big decision without consulting her and asks to call her but Sesh tells that call is not connecting. Suman tells Chiku to call Amresh but the latter tells her everything is being done by his order. They can do nothing other than keeping hopes alive.

Dhawal and Natasha try to escape from hotel and gets followed by gang sent by Amresh again. Amresh calls Rocky and the latter informs him that Natasha and Dhawal has fled but they will catch them again. Natasha tells Dhawal that she cannot run anymore. Dhawal gets hit by the goons. Suman closes her eyes seeing Pandya Store name board being broken. Sesh, Mithu and Chiku catch it and place it aside. The episode ends.

Precap Natasha will tell Dhawal that after lot of difficulties she made herself give a second chance to their relationship. But by getting signatures by tricks he has proved again that he doesn’t deserve to be trusted. She will say that by breaking down Pandya Store he has broken Natasha too.

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