Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Update: Shweta fools the Pandyas

Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shweta manipulating Krish using Chiku and asking him to convince Dhara to permit her to stay in the house. Krish asks Shweta to talk to Dhara by herself. Shweta acts like she misses Chiku and goes to see him. She hears Rishita and Dhara’s voices and goes to the terrace. She hears their talk.

Rishita says to Dhara that Suman asked Krish to divorce Shweta. She  says to Dhara that Shweta doesn’t love Chiku and she only cares about money. She asks Dhara to give Shweta the money and adopt Chiku. Shweta says that she needs a house. Dhara and Rishita are shocked to see Shweta. The latter says to Rishita that she wants to speak to Dhara alone. Dhara recalls Rishita’s words. Dhara says to Shweta to tell whatever she wants in front of Rishita, as Rishita knows everything.

Shweta says to Rishita that it was her plan to message Deven and live telecast their meeting. Rishita admits it. Rishita says that she blindfolded her family and manipulated Dhara and that she is ignoring her truth. Shweta starts to manipulate Dhara. She says that Dhara should know that she’s not at fault after Rishita’s confession. She promised her to rectify her mistake, but Rishita snatched that chance from her. She begs Dhara to allow her stay in that house. She lies that she went to her parents’ house and they also threw her out of the house.

She was attacked by goons who tried to misbehave her. She falls on Dhara’s leg and tries to convince her to let her stay in the house. She says that she talked to Krish and he agrees if she agrees. Dhara makes Shweta stand. Dhara looks at Rishita. She looks away. Dhara says that she won’t take any decision related to Shweta’s decision. She says that all this happened and she can’t win Rishita’s trust. She asks Shweta  to apologize to Rishita and win her trust. Shweta is shocked to hear this. Shweta folds her hands in front of Rishita and apologizes to her. She begs Rishita.

The latter refuses to believe her. She says that she wanted to expose her. She did it. Now her family will decide how to handle this. She warns Shweta not to try to harm her family and threatens to throw her out of the house. She says to Shweta that she should see how to convince Suman and says to Dhara that Dhara should see how to keep her in the house. She leaves. Dhara says to Shweta that she will talk to Suman the next morning. Shweta thinks that Suman will also get convinced as Dhara is convy. She vows to separate the Pandya brothers. 

The next morning, Gautam is on call. He asks the caller the cost of a Goa trip for a couple. After hanging the call, he says that he should clear the difference between Shiva and Raavi and he is even ready to send them to Goa for that. Krish is sitting and recalling Shweta’s words. Shiva finds Krish sitting quiet and asks him to pour his heart out to him. He asks if he wants to be with Shweta despite knowing the truth, if he has a problem with keeping a marriage relationship with her. Krish says that he doesn’t know, but he knows that he has to stay with her. He asks him to leave. 

Suman is shocked to see Shweta in the house. She angrily asks who let Shweta inside the house. Dhara requests Suman to forgive Shweta. Suman asks Dhara how she dared to go against her. She asks Shweta to get out. She asks why Shweta is wearing their family brace again.

Dhara says that even her parents threw her out. Suman asks why would anyone want to keep such a girl in their house. She calls out to Krish to contact the lawyer to divorce Shweta. Dhara reminds Suman that she said that they should never talk about breaking their relationship in this family and by breaking Shweta and Krish’s relationship, she’s going against her own words. She asks Suman to give Shweta a chance for Krish.

Suman refuses. Dhara says that Deven is behind Shweta. He kidnapped Chiku on the day of Suman’s birthday. Shweta was compelled to do everything for Chiku. Shweta also says the same and starts her acting. She sheds her crocodile tears and asks Suman to forgive her. She emotionally blackmails Suman by placing Chiku in front of her and by asking her to decide about Chiku’s life. Dhara, Rishita and Raavi request Suman to give Shweta a chance for Krish’s sake.

Dhara says to Suman that Krish started to love Shweta and she will ruin his life by getting him divorced from Shweta. Suman agrees to give Shweta a chance for Krish. Suman warns Shweta that if she finds out anything new about her and she betrays them again, that will be her last day in the house and in this world. Shweta thanks Suman. The latter clearly says that she didn’t forgive her, but only gave her permission to stay in the house. Suman says to Dhara that if Shweta makes any mistake again, Dhara has to leave the house along with Shweta. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Shweta misleads Raavi to hide the matters related to Arnab from Shiva to worsen their fight. In order to create a misunderstanding between Dhara and Rishita, Shweta says to Dhara that she and Gautam and Dhara did right by deciding to save money by celebrating Diwali simply to send Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Rishita hears this and argues with Dhara. 

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