Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Natasha and Dhawal spends romantic time

Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha eating from bowl kept in Amba’s plate and smiles. Dhawal says one should learn to find solution of all problems from her. Amba thinks in mind to ruin her happiness. Chiku sits and thinks of recent incidents. Suman tells that she already finished her food and he has not eaten a little. She tells him to think about himself and Isha and also try to settle his younger brothers. Isha says Chiku that he should stop thinking so much about Natasha and says she hopes Natasha equally thinks about him. Suman hopes Isha doesn’t tell truth to him as it may ruin Natasha and Dhawal’s bond.

Pranali tells about muh dikhai for Natasha. Amba gifts Natasha mobile phone. Dhawal says he already gifted her phone today. Amba taunts about her speaking a lot so she gifted her phone. Isha tells Chiku that she did a mistake and is about to confess what she did but Suman stops her. She makes some excuse and requests to forget what has happened and focus on their upcoming future. Isha requests Chiku to have his food.

Dolly and Hetal place papads under bed for Dhawal and Natasha’s first night. Dolly questions Natasha why she looks upset. Hetal tells her not to tease Natasha . She jokes Natasha that they should break the papads. Chirag teases Dhawal about his first night. Amrish says that he wants smile to be always there on their faces and asks them to always stay united. Dhawal tells that now on he also wants to help him. Amrish allows him to join office from next day and all of them share hug together. Natasha feels emotional in her bedroom. Dhawal comes and backhugs her lovingly.

Dhawal tells Natasha that he waited long for them to return back to this room and promises never to do anything which will separate room. He promises never to hide anything from her and always stay by her in every difficult situation. Dhawal makes her wear the necklace and kisses her forehead confessing his love for her. Natasha tells Dhawal that everything is perfect. He gifts Natasha a dress and she comes changing in it. Dhawal picks up Natasha in his arms as Yeh Fitoor Mera plays in background. Dhawal places Natasha on bed and they hear sound of papads cracking. Both of them burst laughing.

Natasha gets up from bed but Dhawal again holds her hand. He picks up bedsheet and throws the papads. Dhawal gets close to Natasha and share some intimate moments. But suddenly Natasha stops him and gets up. She picks her purse and Dhawal asks if she has gift for him. Natasha hesitates but she says Dhawal that before moving ahead in their relationship she has some conditions and she wants him to sign it. The episode ends with Dhawal being confused about the same.

Precap : Natasha will tell Amresh that she wants to use raw materials kept at Pandya Store in it’s reconstruction work. Amrish will deny to sell the goods to her. She will remind him about the contract and how Dhawal might go away from them if they do not follow her requests.

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