Pandya Store 4th August 2021 Written Update: Suman attempts suicide by jumping into the well

Pandya Store 4th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prafula asking Raavi what happened. Suman comes there and asks Prafula what she will do knowing. Anita stops Prafula from answering back Suman. The latter tells Raavi that Shiva was wrong, but Raavi is this house’s daughter-in law and she failed to handle the situation in front of the guests. She says that she doesn’t know what to do with the girls of these house.

Dhara sees Krish dancing with girls and tells Gautam to take krish from there as they don’t have any work here. Gautam leaves taking Krish from there. Dev says to Shiva that he’s as stubborn as he’s and asks what is disturbing him. Shiva refuses to say anything as he thinks Dev won’t be able to understand him. He says that he will handle by himself. Dev insist Shiva to share with him. Shiva refuses to talk and Dev says that he will not move from here until he tells what’s the matter.

Dhara sees the kids playing mischief around the flower mandap. Dhara scolds them for the same and says that flower mandap may fall over them and they can get hurt. The kids start crying and run to their mothers. The mothers shout at Dhara for scolding their kids. Dhara clarifies that the kids were doing mischief and they may have got hurt so she raised her voice on them. The women attack Dhara saying that she has been scolding the kids since the beginning. She can’t stand kids’ happiness, so she doesn’t have her own kids.

Rishita comes to Dhara’s defence and scolds those women. Rishita says that they can’t handle their own kids and taunting others. Dhara tries to calm Rishita down. The latter says tha Dhara scolded the kids for their goodness. She adds that if the kids would have got hurt, their mothers had blamed them. Rishita says that the kids were touched her purse. The women get shocked and say that Rishita called their innocent kids thieves. They asks Suman if she called them to insult them. They taunt Suman with her daughters-in-law.

They say that Suman won’t get heir in this life. One lady tells Dhara that she won’t let Dhara to come near her children hereafter. Suman shouts at that women and says that her daughters-in-law will have their kids. The woman taunts saying Dhara can’t become mother in 10 years of marriage, Rishita doesn’t want kids and the whole city knows about Raavi and Shiva relationship. On seeing the way he pushed Raavi just before they won’t give her heir neither. The women walk away after taunting Suman.

Dev and Shiva hear the ladies saying that Dhara won’t be able to keep this family unite and Shiva and Raavi’s relationship can’t work. Dhara tries to clarify to Suman the reason why she scolded the kids. Suman shouts at Dhara saying she should have let the kids got hurt. Rishita tries to defend Dhara. Suman scolds Rishita and says that she will send Rishita back to her dad’s house, if she can’t give her heir in one year. Suman then breaks down saying that her fate is bad that inspire of having three daughters-in-law, she doesn’t have any grandchildren. She tells Dhara that she’s dying daily slowly by hearing people’s taunts, but Dhara isn’t affected. Prafula blames Dhara for Suman’s insult. Suman shuts Prafula’s mouth.

Suman asks Dhara why she married Gautam and spoiled his life, if she doesn’t want to become mother. She taunts Dhara with her mother. Dhara tells Suman to be quiet. Kanta informs Shiva and Dev that Dhara has made a mistake and Suman is furious. Shiva and Dev run inside. Suman tells that Dhara told her to be silent. She says that she will become silent forever and moves towards the well. Gautam and the other brothers come. Gautam asks Dhara where the guests are. Suman says that the guests will come to her funeral and jumps into the well.

The boys shouts and the whole family look shocked. Gautam jumps into the well. Dhara and Anita shout Gautam. Prafula stops Anita from going to jump into the well and prays that Suman doesn’t get saved. Gautam tries to save Suman, but she goes into the water that she can’t bear anymore tanuts and wants to die. Shiva tries to jump into the well as well. Dhara stops Shiva and tells him to find any solution to get Suman out of the well. Dhara then tells Raavi to get rope from the storeroom. Shiva and Dev tries to remove the rope used to hang the swing.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhara shouts and tells Gautam that she wants her own kids, when she will get her kids. Gautam looks on.

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