Pandya Store 4th February 2021 Written Update: Gautam tries to tell the truth to Anita through a video message.

Pandya Store 4th February 2021 Written Update on

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The episode starts with Dhara telling Gautam that they can the truth to Suman. Hardik comes there. He asks what they want to hide from Suman. Dhara tells Pandya store is under mortgage and tomorrow is the last day to evict the shop. Hardik asks Gautam why he has hid his problem from him.

Gautam tells he doesn’t want to worry him. Hardik tells he doesn’t consider him as his family. Gautam tells crying he himself worried. He doesn’t know what to do, if thry lost the shop, hile and his brothers will become orphan once again. Hardik tells he will not lost the shop. He asks Gautam to go home and he will join him after a while. Dhara tells Gautam he should tell the truth to Anita and asks him to wait outside, she will send her.

Prafula asks Saroj to keep the jewels safe. Dhara comes. She tells Anita that Gautam is calling her. Prafula tells it’s too late so they should leave now. Prafula asks Dhara to look after the marriage arrangements and taunts her. Gautam tells Prafula he wants to talk with Anita. Prafula tells they can talk after marriage. Gautam sees the jewels and clothes.

He tells they can’t take it without mom’s blessings. Prafula tells Suman can give blessings the next day. She adds he will not be able to manage his mom, his brothers and the jewels together. Suman can’t get out of the bed and there are chances for anyone to sneak into the house and loot the jewels so she’s taking it with her.

Hardik comes. He tells Gautam to take his shop, house documents and Dhara’s jewels and save Pandya store. Dhara reminds Hardik about the FD. Hardik tells he will give that money too. Dhara tells his dad take care of them with the help of Pandya store, so it’s necessary to save Pandya store. Gautam gets emotional and hugs Hardik. Gautam tells this is his fight and he doesn’t want to trouble them, their support is enough for him. There will be a way out but not this one. He further tells they can’t solve life’s problems by selling everything. He asks them to go home saying they will talk tomorrow.

Gautam decides to tell the truth to Anita through a video. He makes a video in which he tells Pandya store is mortgaged and maybe he can’t save it. He asks her to decide. She can call him to tell her decision. There’s also one more way. He tells tomorrow he will send mom’s saree along with Triveni water, if she performs the ritual wearing that saree, he will understand that she’s ready to marry him even after knowing the truth. He will be waiting for her decision.

The next day Gautam takes his mom’s blessings. Dev apply tilak to Gautam. Shiva and Krishn happily dance. Suman looks at them happily. Gautam and kids take her leave. Gautam is waiting for Anita’s call. Hardik tells they should leave as they’re getting late. Gautam asks him to wait for Anita’s call. Hardik asks Gautam if he had read the mortgage documents properly, maybe he had missed something. Gautam tells he had read it plenty of times and even met the lawyer and also went to the finance company so it’s necessary for Anita to know the truth.

Suman feels bad that she can’t help her son in anyway. She sees the wedding outfit is left in the room. She wonders how to send it to the wedding venue. She tries to move the vessel. Jignesh gives Anita her mobile. Anita notices Gautam’s message. Gautam is tensed wondering whether Anita saw his video. Anita is waiting for the video to get downloaded.

The episode ends.

Precap : Dhara and kids are dancing in the baraath. Anita sees Gautam’s video and gets shocked.