Pandya Store: 5 years leap! Pandyas to refuse to return to Pandya house!

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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Pandyas executing their plan.

In the current story, it’s seen that Krish tells Rishita that Shweta’s dad sent the investors to buy their house when Rishita is adamant to accept the investors offer. Dhara asks Krish to return the money to Shweta’s parents. Raavi blames Dhara for caring only about her plan and not Shiva. Suman scolds Raavi. Dhara hopes the old lady will convince Mansukh to their plan.

Shweta fumes in a rage after learning that Dhara refused to sell the Pandya nivas. The old lady and Mansukh arrive there and convince Shweta to buy the Pandya Nivas. Later, the Pandyas discuss their plan with the old lady and Mansukh. They ask Mansukh wear a wig under which they can put earplugs and instructs him about their plan while he discuss with Shweta.

Mansukh and the old lady go to Shweta and ask her next plan. Shweta decides to enter the register office taking on a disguise and planned to swap the paper. Pandyas hear this. Mansukh convinces Shweta to distract Pandyas using honeybees as instructed by Dhara.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that in a post leap a boy will be shown writing on the three different kites on which Dev-Rishita, Shiva-Raavi and Krish photos are stuck. He will ask them all to come home as Suman is unwell. Dev-Rishita, Shiva-Raavi and Krish will be shown living in different places.

They will receive the letter, but they tear it up refusing to return. Here, Dhara will feed food to Suman and will say to her that she has to die so that the Pandyas return. Suman will oblige and will pretend to act.

The boy will open the house door and will welcome two other kids inside the house. A voice over will ask if the next generation will be able to heal the wounds of the previous generations and win their hearts.

What happened to Pandya family? What caused the separation of Pandyas brothers? Why they refuse to return home?

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