Pandya Store 5th July 2022 Written Update: Suman agrees to sell the house

Pandya Store 5th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suman saying to Dhara, Raavi and Rishita to call her to have food when they will end their strike. She taunts them saying that they won’t care if she dies. Dhara stops Suman and says threatens to kill herself if she doesn’t listen to her. Suman asks how she will die. Dhara sits on the well and threatens to jump into the well shocking the family.

Suman says her to go ahead. Gautam gives Dhara their unborn’s child’s swear and asks to not jump. Dhara says to Gautam to ask Suman to sign the papers to sell the house. Suman asks whose child. Gautam says that their child and nothing is confirmed yet. Dhara jumps into the well, but Gautam holds her hand Dhara says to Suman to accept to sign the papers else she will leave Gautam’s hand.

Dev holds Gautam’s leg so he doesn’t fall into the well. Suman accepts to sign the papers. Dhara says to Raavi to get the papers. Raavi gives them to Suman. The latter puts her thumb’s impression on the paper as her sign. Gautam pulls up Dhara. The latter got sacred and feels relieved that she got saved. Suman says to Dhara that she did very wrong.

Dhara gives Suman her stick and asks to punish her. Suman thanks Dhara and hugs her for giving the good news. She asks why she didn’t tell about her pregnancy. She asks to not jump into the well again, it’s only her rights. She asks Dhara when she learned about her pregnancy. Dhara stands silent. Gautam asks Dhara to answer. Dhara tries to run away, but Suman demands an answer.

Dhara says that it’s not her mistake, she never told Gautam that she’s pregnant. Gautam says that she didn’t say, but she didn’t say no too. He says that she told that Shiva will come back. Dhara says that it doesn’t mean in the form of her baby. She says that she prays every day to God for a miracle. Suman and Dev say that Gautam was also involved in Dhara’s drama to get Suman’s sign.

Gautam says that he isn’t at fault and runs from there. Suman gets emotional about selling the house. She says that there are lot of their memories connected to this house. She asks why they should sell it and why they can’t mortgage it. Rishita and Raavi say that they’re hungry and leave. Dhara apologizes to Suman in her mind and says that she didn’t have any other way.

Other hand Prafulla laughs and threatens Shiva to expose him to the police. Shiva laughs and frightens her saying that police will arrest Prafulla and his family will register a complaint against her for hiding him in her house. At Pandya house Gautam is making arrangements for Rishta’s baby shower and Suman invites guests over the phone for the same. Dhara, Rishita and Raavi have dinner. Raavi says to Dhara to invite Shiva to Rishita’s baby shower and says that it has been long time that they have danced together.

Dhara says that they should call police as well to arrest Shiva. Other side Prafulla is forced to make roti for Shiva and serves him. Prafulla thinks of finding a way to expose Shiva to the police. Here Raavi apologize to Dhara for becoming selfish. Rishita says that she also wants to call Shiva. She says that she won’t want baby shower function if Shiva doesn’t come.

The episode ends.

Precap: Police warns to arrest Prafulla if her information turns fake. Prafulla says it’s 100℅ true and ask the police to hurry up. She brings police to Pandya house. Shiva is dancing in disguise of a woman. Shiva and all get shocked on seeing police.

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