Pandya Store 6th February 2021 Written Update: Anita reveals that Dhara performed the ritual on her behalf

Pandya Store 6th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anita is waiting for Gautam’s video to get downloaded. Her friends tease her. Saroj takes Anita to complete the varmala rasam. Gautam and Anita exchange garlands. Shiva gets angry on seeing Suman’s bangle on Prafula’s hand. Dhara stops Shiva from troubling Prafula. Kaku gives the bridal lehenga to Prafula. The latter asks where’s the another one that they have choosen. Hardik tells it was left at home, he has brought it later, he will bring.

Prafula taunts him. A woman hands over Anita her phone. Prafula asks Anita to get ready. Shiva asks Gautam why Prafula is wearing their mom’s bangle. He tells mom couldn’t have given the bangle to her, she must’ve stolen it. Shiva asks Prafula to remove the bangle. Gautam asks Shiva to leave her. Pandit asks to call the bride. Prafula uses this opportunity and leaves to bring Anita.

Anita is checking if the video got downloaded. Prafula comes. She tells Anita Shiva troubling her asking to remove the bangle. She tells she got Suman’s bangle to make one for her. As Suman fell sick, she kept the bangle with her. Shiva insists Gautam to get back mom’s bangle from Prafula.

Dhara convinces him that they will talk about it after the wedding. Gautam asks Mama how Prafula got mom’s bangle. Mama asks him not to get involve in women’s matters, Suman had given the bangle to Prafula. Gautam tells he’s worried that he doesn’t know about many things that’s happening in his own family. Mama tells if he wants he will ask Prafula to return the bangle and requests him not to insult them in front of all. Gautam tells no need for that.

Anita and her family see Gautam’s video. They get shocked. Prafula tells Anita if she marries Gautam, she will become a maid. They got cheated. She takes Anita to Gautam. Prafula expresses her anger to Gautam. She tells she always listened to Suman’s taunts and insults but still she always wanted good for their family. She shouts. Mama asks what happened.

Prafula calls Suman cheater which makes Gautam and his brothers angry. Gautam asks her what happened. Prafula tells Pandya store is on mortgaged and he hid it from them. She accuses Gautam of cheating. Anita removes her garland and throws it at Gautam. She calls Gautam liar and tells the marriage won’t happen. Everyone looks shocked. Shiva tells how Anita dared to shout at Gautam. He tries to hit her but Gautam stops him.

Gautam tells Anita he will respect her every decision but he’s not cheating her, he tried to tell her the truth many times. He tells everytime she talked about her dreams regarding marriage and honeymoon that he couldn’t tell her the truth. Anita tells it’s obvious she will be excited about her marriage. She cries saying he doesn’t care about her feelings.

Gautam tells he doesn’t want to break her heart so he has sent that video in which he asked her to come wearing mom’s saree to perform the ritual, if she’s ready for the marriage. Hardik asks if Anita saw the video now then who performed the ritual. Gautam further tells he thought she agreed to marry him after knowing the truth. Anita reveals that Dhara has performed the ritual not her. Gautam looks towards Dhara shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Hardik tells Gautam marriage will happen with Dhara. Dhara refuses to marry Gautam. Hardik convinces Dhara. Dhara comes getting ready for the marriage.

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