Pandya Store 6th March 2021 Written Update: Suman presents a gift to Dhara

Pandya Store Spoiler: Dhara gets disturbed noticing Anita's lipstick mark on Gautam's shirt
Pandya Store Spoiler: Dhara gets disturbed noticing Anita's lipstick mark on Gautam's shirt

Pandya Store 6th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara praying to God. She says that today is their wedding day but none of her brothers-in-law remember this. She’s certain that Gautam will remember. She hopes that Gautam will like her gift. She goes to Gautam and back hugs him. She says he has brought something for him. He kisses her forehead. Gautam says he’s getting late, he can’t find his shirt. Dhara says today is 6th March and asks him to open her gift. He says he will check later since he’s getting late. Dhara gets upset. Gautam asks to stitch his shirt button, but Dhara refuses.

Shiva is seen working in the shop. He notices Prafula coming that side and pours hot water over her foot. Prafula hides her bangles remembering Shiva’s words. Shiva troubles her asking her to return his mom’s bangles. Prafula runs away. Shiva promises to himself to get his mom’s bangles back.

Dhara does puja to Tulsi plant. She says she made halwa with lot of love and all the four left without having it. She’s sad that none of the four remember the wedding day, but she’s certain that Hardik will remember it. A man that Dhara has called to decorate the house comes there. Dhara says to him that there’s they don’t want any decorations and asks him to leave.

Suman shouts. Dhara goes to Suman. The latter gives her a gift and asks to open in front of her so that she doesn’t get blamed. Dhara opens the gift and finds a saree. She asks if this’s for her. Suman nods yes. Dhara gets elated that she remembers their wedding day and takes her blessings. Suman taunts her. She stops Dhara from hugging her.

Dhara helps Suman to sit in wheelchair and takes her out. Dhara gives Suman halwa. Suman likes the halwa but doesn’t show it. Dhara gets Hardik’s phone. She receives the call thinking he will wish her, but he asks her to come to help him in cleaning. Dhara becomes upset and refuses to come saying she’s busy. Suman says every months she goes to her house to clean and asks her to go.

Prafula asks Anita if she hasn’t get ready yet, today is a special day. Anita says today her wedding was broken. Prafula says she’s still stuck in the past, today a special guest is coming. Anita says she knows that Jagath school friend is coming and asks why she should get ready for that. The door bell rings. Prafula welcomes an old man called Sudarshan.

She asks Anita to bring water and praises Anita. The latter gets shocked that Prafula called him to fix her alliance with him. She slaps him and makes him leave. Prafula says she has been trying to fix her alliance since 10 years. One side she’s refusing all alliances otherside Raavi is considering her enemy’s son as her dream boy. She can’t bear all these anymore and walks away.

Prafula comes across Dhara. She stops her and taunts her. She asks if she’s not attending Shanta’s house function to which Dhara replies no. She says how shanta can invite a woman doesn’t have kids. She insults Dhara. The latter leaves from there with teary eyes. She goes back home and gets stunned seeing all the decorations. Shiva, Dev and Krishn shouts surprise.

The episode ends.

Precap : Gautam and Dhara celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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