Pandya Store 9th February 2021 Written Update: Hardik convinces Dhara to marry Gautam

Pandya Store 9th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara saying she respects lot Gautam. If Gautam’s marriage wasn’t fixed with Anita, if all this hadn’t happened, she would have agreed to his proposal. Gautam respects women and understand other’s feeling, the girl will marry Gautam is very lucky. Hardik says she doesn’t want to accept her luck and reject the happiness that’s coming to her. Dhara tells this happiness belongs to Anita. She’s committing a mistake in anger and Gautam also angry.

When they will calm down, they will realize their mistakes. Their marriage was fixed long back and the whole somnath is aware of it. When they will realize their mistake, she will be blamed. She asks Hardik to make them understand and find a way to do this marriage. She doesn’t want to be a temporary remedy for anyone’s wound.

Prafula ridicule Gautam that even Dhara refused to marry Gautam. Anita asks what they’re still doing her. Prafula says the entertainment is still on. Dhara runs away. Hardik stops her. He says he took this decision by thinking about her and Gautam. He further says Gautam is like his brother. He realized if Gautam marries Anita, his life will be ruined. It’s good that they good to know Anita’s true color before the marriage. He says he saw their mother’s in Anita today. Anita did exactly what their mother had done.

She also left by cutting all her ties with them, like today Anita left Gautam. He realized Anita is only interested in money. She doesn’t care about Gautam’s respect. Even if Anita had agreed for the marriage after all this scene, he wouldn’t have let this marriage happen.

Gautam advices his brother to remain quiet, he goes to talk to Dhara. Prafula says go, she might have thought of killing herself after hearing Hardik’s descion. If she dies, he will be blamed. She laughs at Gautam. The latter leave. Shiva thinks he will make Prafula cry very soon.

Hardin reminds Dhara how Gautam’s dad supported them, Gautam needs their support, they can’t see Gautam getting ruined. He then reminds her how Prafula insulted Gautam. Gautam needs our support like once we needed his support. She has to get married with anyone one day, why not with Gautam.

Gautam will not let anyone enter in his life after Anita, after some time he will become busy with his shop, but the kids will never get any love. He will not able to take care of his mom alone. The kids need support. If Dhara support Gautam, the kids will get love. The kids must have got hurt seeing Gautam getting insulted in front them. The kids will get mocked. Hardik asks if she thinks Gautam is a nice person. Dhara nods yes. Hardik then asks if she respects Gautam. Dhara says since her childhood she has been respecting him.

Hardik says Gautam is her prince charming. He asks her to accept her prince charming. He can’t find a better prince charming for her. They’re made for each other. Gautam is in pain now, and he knows that his sister is capable to solve any big problems with her smile. They all three friends. She can’t find a better life partner. He asks if she agrees with his words. Dhara nods yes and hugs him.

Gautam comes there. He says even if Dhara agrees coming under his pressure, he will refuse. He asks not to blackmail Dhara emotionally. Hardik says he’s doing what he thinks is correct. He asks Gautam if Suman can bear this shock. He then asks if how his brothers will handle themselves. His whole family got hurt and only Dhara can heal their wound.

Gautam looks towards Dhara. Gautam says he agrees with his words but he can marry Dhara. Hardik says he can’t find better match for both of them, they don’t understand they’re made for each other.

He further says Dhara isn’t any option for anyone. He knows Gautam is marrying Anita because the marriage was fixed by his dad. He asks to listen to his heart and decide. He gives them five minutes to decide. He says Suman touched the wedding outfit that was left at home, maybe this was destined for Dhara. He gives the wedding dress to Dhara and leaves.

The episode ends

Precap : Gautam and Dhara marriage happens. Prafula says their destruction starts. Dhara takes Suman blessings with a covered face.

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