Pandya Store: Can Pandyas expose Janardan’s truth in front of Dev and Rishita?

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Star Plus’ much loved show Pandya Store is all gearing up for more drama with Janardan hosting a party to humiliate Pandyas.

In the current story it’s seen that Janardan gives uniform to the Pandyas. Shiva says that they have already come dressed up according to their work. Janardan says that it’s not wrong, but in rich families, there’s a dress code for the employees. He distributes the uniform to all. He says to Shiva to pick up Rishita from the airport. Janardan then says that he is hosting a party that evening and asks Dhara to look after the food for the guest and their hospitality. Dhara agrees. Later Pandyas discuss about Janardan.

Dhara says that Janardan wants to humiliate them in the party. Gautam says that Janardan doesn’t know that he will be humiliated. Gautam says to Shiva to hide his face from Dev and Dhara when he will go to pick up them from the airport. Shiva agrees. In the party Janardan introduces Pandyas to his guests and says that they work for them as they need money. Other hand Shiva picks up Dev and Rishita from the airport. Dev recognizes Shiva. The latter has a mask and says that he is not Shiva, but Shankar.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Janardan will ask Gautam to clean the spilled drink on the floor in order to humiliate him. Gautam oblies and will clean the floor. Rishita and Dev will come back home and will be shocked on seeing this. Janardan will get shocked on seeing Dev and Rishita. Gautam will smile.

What will happen next? How Dev and Rishita will react to this?

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